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How to hack Google Chrome stored passwords using a Browser


Hacking Google Chrome stored passwords is as easy as pie! In fact, it would seem that Google encourages hackers because it is just too easy to hack Google Chrome stored passwords.

Steps for you to hack Google Chrome stored passwords

Step 1: Open Google Chrome


Step2: Type the following address into the address bar: chrome://settings/passwords and press enter. You will be shown the below screen:


Step 3: Select any row you want and you will see a ‘show’ button appear. In my case, I selected the first row. Here is my screenshot:


Step 4: Click on the ‘show’ button to see your password (hopefully it is yours and not the password of a friend who has left his laptop unattended for just a minute to go to the bathroom — oops I didn’t give you any ideas now did I?)


And that is all that you have to do to hack Google Chrome stored passwords. It does seem like something is amiss to implement such poor security practices. We can just wonder why. Why Chrome why?

I must give credit where it is due, and this article, ‘How to hack Google Chrome stored passwords’ was inspired by this post.

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