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  • Your hands have the power to heal, says Hinduism and Buddhism

    You can create different posture from your hands. They are called ‘mudras’. It is said that mudras can influence the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your body. It’s a very common practice in the East, and they are used by spiritual leaders in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In the modern era, yogis and other […]

  • Badami Cave Temples in Karnataka – Amazing Ancient Rock Cut Temples

    Badami Cave Temples is a prestige of Badami town, nearly the historical town reservoir, Agastya tirtha reservoir, in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. The temples have great values for Hindu and Jain tradition. A brief History The temples are said to be built around the late 6th-7th century AD, after the initiation by the first […]

  • What happened when Buddha got enlightened?

    When Lord Buddha got enlightened, he was silent for a week; he didn’t say a word. All the Gods and the angels got worried that he is not saying anything. They pleaded him to say something because what he says will benefit people for ages to come. Lord Buddha came 2,500 years after Lord Krishna, and […]

  • 5 Most Famous Temples Around The Globe You Should Visit

    From the diverse land of India to the developed US, Golden land of Myanmar to China, Eastern to the western world, temples are spread across the world. These edifices constructed for religious purpose allure us with their extraordinary architecture. Temple not only represents diversity in religion & culture but also symbolizes different practices adopted by […]

  • 5 Buddhist ways to change your attitude and even your life

    Buddhism is a philosophy. And it has been able to provide antidotes to the preaching in the west. The Buddha way of life can help us face challenges and move towards a life of fulfillment. If you want to walk on that path towards the life of fulfillment, here are five key aspects of Buddhism […]

  • 7 Interesting Facts about Reincarnation in Hinduism

    If you look at tons of Bollywood movies (especially movies like Om Shanti Om), then you will realize that the concept of reincarnation is prevalent across India. It’s not just in India, however, there are tribes across the globe that accept rebirth as a form of natural phenomenon. What really is reincarnation? It comes from […]

  • Here is why the color Saffron is important to Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs

    In Sanatana-dharma, the color saffron is associated with sacrifice, religious abstinence, the quest for light and salvation. From the dresses worn by the sages to artists using it on the god’s idols and their dresses implies their qualities. So what makes this color so important to Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs? Let’s find out. Importance of Agni(Fire) It […]

  • Mind-Blowing Facts About Buddha You Probably Don’t Know

    Buddhism began in India 2,500 years ago and remains the dominant world religion in the East. There are over 360 million followers of Buddhism worldwide Buddhism is based on the teachings of a prince named Siddharta Gautama who lived around 500 BCE. Kapilavastu is the name of the ancient city where Siddhartha Gautama was raised […]

  • 25 Meaningful Buddha Tattoos For Spiritual Inspiration

    Buddhism is one of the most colorful and peaceful religions in this world. Buddhism and Buddha have become one of the most popular subjects in tattoos these days. Buddha tattoos can symbolize purity and peace. The meaning behind Buddha tattoos can be inspiring and also can reveal your personality. Here are some of the Buddha Tattoos Design Ideas […]

  • 5 Most Beautiful Buddhist Monasteries In Asia

    The monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer. Monasteries are not just religious place, they are also extremely beautiful architectural masterpieces. While all monasteries are beautiful and mysterious in their own way, these are some most beautiful monasteries in Asia. 5. Popa Taungkalat  Shrine, Myanmar The Popa Taungkalat Shrine is home to 37 Mahagiri Nats, or spirits. […]