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Only Mistake Hilary Did Was Standing Against The Trump

US election result still buzzes many heads as Hillary loses to Trump. Supporter still says “How can she lose? she seems so perfect.”. But speculation cannot rewind the result. But, what is the main mistake she did in this election?

Stefan Heaton(deplorable Trump supporter) writes Hillary didn’t make mistakes. He says it again, Hillary did not make mistakes. She did everything right. Absolutely everything that could be expected:

  • She raised an enormous amount of money: “Commanding” is not too strong a word to describe Clinton’s fundraising. Neither is “Crushing.” According to this source, she raised $1.1 Billion: How Much Money Has Hillary Clinton Spent On Her Campaign? Here’s A Breakdown Of Her Spending No mistakes are possible in this scenario; she raised Oprah money.
  • She hired the right people: In 2008 her campaign imploded midway through the primary season due to incompetent management and infighting The 2008 Democratic Primary Was Far Nastier Than 2016’s This year’s campaign was markedly different in that it was well-run from start to finish, stayed on message, made tactical adjustments to capitalize on Trump’s many blunders. No mistakes here.
  • She had a winning strategy: Adopting the strategy of continuing Barack Obama’s policies should have been a good move due to the popularity of Obama and his substantial following within the populace. She rightfully claimed insider status with Barack Obama himself. She was his Secretary of State, she was right there in the situation room when Osama Bin Laden was killed. We’ve all seen the iconic shot of her with her hand over her mouth:


Those who loved Obama would simply have had to show up and vote for her, and she would make sure that Obama’s legacy continued. This is solid political thinking and strategy which should have worked. No mistakes here.

  • She said all the right things: Her speeches were moving, her message was consistent. She talked about middle-class values, jobs, moving the economy forward, and all the same things that Obama talked about in both of the campaigns that he won. She hammered Trump on every single one of the numerous opportunities she presented to hammer him. She performed very well in the debates and came across as caring and presidential. She demonstrated command of the issues in foreign and domestic policy. She made the case very effectively that she was the best person for the job. She maintained both poise and control during all the hardest moments of the campaign. All this put together is supposed to help win a person the presidency. No mistakes here.
  • She did all the right things: She bought an enormous amount of advertising. She ran positive ads about herself, and negative ads about Trump and she did a tonne of both in every market. She put out a massive amount of marketing: Bumper stickers, car magnets, T-shirts, hats, web advertising, grassroots campaigning, door-to-door people, leaflets, flyers, signs on the ground, you name it, she did it. And she did it all over the place, everywhere. Winners have large and motivated organisations and she had a large and motivated (and very well-funded) organisation. No mistakes here.
  • She had more celebrity support than any candidate ever has: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, everyone in Hollywood and all the Rock Stars and Pop Stars. Katy Perry to Tom Hanks and beyond. They gave interviews, they gave speeches, they did fundraisers, they made appearances, they gave shows, they sang songs, they played the guitar. All for Hillary. She healed the rift with Bernie and he campaigned on her behalf. No mistakes here.
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What handed Trump the win, was not due to any “mistake” on the part of Hillary or her organisation, but rather forces outside her control:

She was running against Donald J. Trump in 2016:

The Trump ticket in 2016 undeniably could not be beaten, not this year. Trump had something akin to Thor’s Hammer in 2016 and he simply smashed everyone in his way, starting with his 17 opponents in the Republican Primary, including huge and well-funded people with massive organisations, money, and connections. People like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio. And 13 others, also with big names, big motivations, and big money.

After that, it was Hillary’s turn. He won despite his enormous mistakes and glaring errors. He won despite all his earnest efforts to lose. He won because he simply could not lose, not even while making mistakes that would have utterly ruined any other politician there ever was. This was not a mistake on Hillary’s part, and it is not her fault that Trump was the man that could not lose. It’s the singularity of the times. He won by running a campaign in which 100% of the politicians that ever lived would have lost spectacularly. Nobody will ever win like that again. Not the Presidency. How he did so will undoubtedly be the subject of much scholarship and many books.

Really that’s just a bad break for Hillary and not one that she could have done anything about. She did everything a person could do, and none of it worked because nothing could work against Trump, not this year.

Her past finally came up to bite her:

The Trump organisation was incredibly effective at dredging up all the tired dead horses that had been kicked into oblivion over the last three decades, and somehow made them immediate, fresh, and relevant. Everything from Whitewater to Monica, to Bill, to Loretta, to the Clinton Foundation, to Benghazi(Benghazi? absolutely nobody except a few Republicans cared about Benghazi, that is until Trump cared about it. Then they cared).

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In 2016, the sins of the past, whether real or invented, somehow came home to roost, and they did so with a vengeance. This was not due to any current mistakes on her part, and she could do nothing about her past. Not only that but Trump was making active mistakes everywhere that were 100 x worse than what was somehow taking her down. Somehow none of that mattered. Again, not a mistake on her part but rather, the zeitgeist.

Her health:

It is not a mistake to be 70 years old and have health problems. To be clear, this is not a mistake:


This is also not a mistake:

Her Personality:

She can’t do anything about the fact that she is more deliberate than charismatic. She can’t help that she is extremely intelligent to the point that she has a hard time connecting with regular people and they have a hard time connecting with her. Al Gore had the same problem and that’s why he lost to George Bush. We can change our behaviours, maybe, but we cannot change who we are. Hillary is Hillary, and Hillary is someone who gets a bad or indifferent reaction out of a great many people. This is not a mistake. It is not a mistake to be born and be who you are.

Enough people went the other way to cost her the election, and it was really a personality thing, again especially considering she was up against Trump, Mr Charisma. Carve it on his headstone someday, he owns that title. She was the wrong candidate, in the wrong election year, with the wrong personality, against an unbeatable opponent. She was only the last and the biggest of the 18 opponents that Trump smashed to win the presidency. It was not her fault that he simply could not lose, not in 2016.


Source: quora

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