5 Reasons Why Hindus in India Love Donald Trump

Only 7% of Indian Americans voted for Trump. But why do so many Hindus in India love Trump?


1. Both Trump and many Hindus in India back the rightwing nationalist movements in their countries

Image Credit – Indianexpress.com

Mr. Trump has declared to put American interest first at any cost. And many Hindus in India want Mr. Modi to do so. Trump’s advisers have been friends and allies of nationalists throughout the world from Vladimir Putin to Nigel Farage in the UK. For many Hindus, Trump’s nationalist position makes him a natural, ideological partner.

2. Trump and his advisors think of Narendra Modi as “Ronald Regan of India”


Championing a departure from the status quo, promoting economic deregulation, and catering to many social conservatives views, Narendra Modi has the same appeal that Ronald Regan still has to American conservatives.

3. Trump’s message about development, prosperity, and jobs resonates with many Hindus


Mr. Modi rose to power promising economic prosperity, investment in infrastructure, creating many jobs – exactly the same as Mr. Trump’s promises in the US.

4. They share the same fears of terrorism

Mr. Modi and many Hindu in India are fearful of the terrorist attack in India. Many terrorist attacks in India have been carried out by the terrorists with the home base in Pakistan. And they expect Mr. Trump to revisit US’s historically strong relationship with Pakistan.

5. Similar to Trump, many Hindus recognize the need to control the borders


Mr. Trump built his political identity in a great degree by promising to build a Wall along the border with Mexico. Hindu nationalist wants similarly strong take on borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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