4 Reasons why People are not Liking the Start of Trump Presidency

Past year has been all about shocks. When Brexit happened, the whole world was going bonkers. Then Donald Trump was nominated for the presidency. Now, he is the President of United States of America, and not many are liking it. He has been labeled “xenophobic, homophobic, racist, male chauvinist and anti-immigrant soul in human flesh.”

When he ran for the presidency, many thought that he was just all words. Now, since taking over the Oval Office at Washing D.C., he’s caused distress among a lot of people around the world by doing what he said he would do. From building the Mexican wall to banning entry to some people based on race and country, he has started to do it in his own narrowed perspective of “making America great again”. Why is it a concern then?

1. He’s killing the American Dream

A lot of people around the world have been chasing the “American Dream”, especially if one is from a developing country. It was so because it’s the land of opportunities for people across the world. There are people who go to America to study, work and make it big.

But now, Mr. President is killing the American dream according to people. He has put a curb on professionals who are not “Americans”. He is blocking the avenues for thousands of talented youths who are trying to innovate and make the world a better place in Silicon Valley, around the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the stock exchanges of Wall Street.

Things kept short, he just wants “Americans” to do what people who have come into the US have been doing. But he seems to have not acknowledged that ‘greatness’ does not only come with the monopoly of White US citizens but more with a cumulative effort of people across the globe. The slogan “America First” will only kill global progress, more so the American progress.

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2. He’s turning away refugees

If you haven’t heard, Trump has decided to ban refugees from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other six countries that are on the collision course between terrorists, militant groups, and regime forces. This is arguably the biggest refugee crisis in the history, and it has been reminding people of the Holocaust period in 1939 when the US turned the Jewish ship, St. Louis.

Over the years, the US has welcomed refugees with an open hand and have helped in a lot of ways to the US economy, especially in terms of academics, technology, research, and development. However, Trump administration has crushed their hopes of finding peace and settlement in America. Since it’s a global problem, many people have been against Trump’s decision.

3. He’s banning the victims, not the perpetrators

The sad part about the refugee ban is that those people are the victims. He hasn’t done much to deal with the real perpetrators in the terrorists and brutal regimes.

4. Question mark on Freedom of Speech

After becoming the president, Mr. President denied a media person to ask him a question during his first press conference. Then, he labeled media as the “opposition party”. Then, he has signed a new bill that restricts scientists from sharing innovation and breakthroughs with people. There is definitely a question mark on “Freedom of Speech” after this.

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