Rise and Shine – Benefits of waking up early

In Hinduism and eastern spirituality, a lot of emphasis is laid on waking up early. It is considered an essential part of leading a balanced and disciplined life which is driven by purpose. Rising early is considered Sattvik, the quality of Goodness. Sattva is the quality of peace and harmony which brings stability and joy to our lives. Early rising also has many health benefits for the mind and body. Let us look at them.

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Early rising reduces stress and increases our metabolism. It also helps us be more productive by giving us a few extra hours in the day to focus on our mental and physical health, before the demands of the day pull us. One is more energetic, decisive and goal oriented. It also helps in better sleep as one tends to sleep early and at the same time everyday inorder to wake up early. One makes time to meditate, be in nature and exercise.

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Having an early start to the day brings optimism and positivity. For students it has been proven to yield better grades. An early routine also helps in having a healthier skin with lesser dark circles. One is able to take charge of one’s life by harnessing the morning hours for self growth and rejuvenation. Being in nature in the morning helps relieve anxieties and depression.

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For spiritual seekers, morning time is considered the best time for spiritual and meditative practices. “Brahma Muhurta” (around 4-6 am) is the best time to wake up for sincere saadhakas (practitioners). It takes a lot of discipline to make this a routine, but in the long run it yields tremendous mental strength. Eating light at night is also helpful, so that one is light and fresh in the morning.

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“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin

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So, we see how one can win the day by a simple practice of rising early. One is filled with vigour and positivity when we create a healthy morning routine. Our days are more meaningful and productive; and our relationships also improve when we are in a better mental and physical state. We are able to contribute more in the world and set an example for others.