Surprising Facts About Airlines Every Traveler Should Know

If you travel from one country to another, most of the time you need to take flights. Most of us don’t know many things about the airlines and air travel. You probably have wondered about few things before, during and after the flights. Following are some surprising facts about airlines/flights


Oxygen Masks are made to last for about 15 minutes. One shouldn’t wait too long, as changing the altitude would make you pass out within 15-20 seconds.

The lights are deemed when landing at night for a reason – to make sure your eyes get adjusted to the dark. This way, if you need to evacuate, you are more comfortable to move in the dark.

A lot of people are afraid of the lightning. The truth is, planes get struck all the time, so no need to worry. The engineers have taken care of the construction to withstand the stress.

There is no safest place to sit on the plane – seats next to the wing are usually less bumpy, though. If the plane crashes, it really depends on the circumstances who survives and who doesn’t.

If an engine failure happens, a plane can still run with just one engine working and pilots probably won’t tell you about it. If both engines fail, the plane can glide in the air for some time, reducing its speed and altitude.

The real reason why you need to put your laptop away during landing is because you may harm yourself or others if the plane touches down too hard.

Headphones need to be removed because the captain needs you to hear instructions.

Turbulence is not dangerous for a plane as its construction is designed to stand the stress. For pilots, it’s just another annoying obstacle and they try to avoid it in order for passengers to have stress free flight.

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Pilots sleep a lot of times while the plane is in autopilot mode.

Different food is served for two pilots in order to avoid food poisoning.

Some sources reveal that flight attendants sometimes wait for passengers to fall asleep before starting to serve meals. This is done to reduce the workload.

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