They 3-D Printed Wheelchair For This Adorable 2 Legged Puppy

An adorable two-legged puppy named tumbles gets his new 3-D printed wheelchair. This adorable pup, Tumbles, was born without his two front legs earlier this year.

Over the past six weeks, he learned to haphazardly use his nose as a front limb of sorts, but a veterinarian suggested that Tumbles be outfitted with front wheels in order to strengthen his hind legs.

It Took 14 hours to print this wheelchair

3d-printed-wheeels-pupPhoto – Crystal Richmond

Crafted by the Ohio University Innovation Center, Tumbles’ new set of wheels reportedly took 14 hours to print using a Stratasys Objet350 Connex, an eight-headed printer that the university boasts is the “largest and most sophisticated 3D printer in the region.”

Sweet little Tumbles being fitted for his very first wheelchair.


Tumbles’ caretakers at Friends of the Shelter Dogs explain that the prototype cart’s design needs to be further refined in order to accommodate the dog’s small frame.

Tumbles will also need to undergo several weeks of physical therapy before he can locomote efficiently.

Source – Discovery.com

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