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The First 3D Printed Motorbike is Coming Out and it Looks Awesome

APWorks, an Airbus subsidiary, has just revealed its new motorcycle called “Light Rider” which is an unusual bike to say the least. It is the first 3D printed fully functional bike developed by them. APWorks’ have their own patented material to built this motorcycle. This material is extremely lightweight and stronger than aluminum, and hence the bike weighs only a mean 35 kg. This material is almost as strong enough as Titanium and is called “Scalmalloy.” APWorks uses it to build incredible structures by combining thin layers of them together.


Because the frame is printed up one 60-micron layer at a time, the pieces can easily be made hollow. This is one of the reasons, the bike is so light. The hollow channels also allow for cable and pipe routing, keeping these parts safe, and keeping the overall look of the Light Rider clean and sleek.


Light Rider is 30% lighter than usual e-bikes. 6 kW electric motor powers it and with its lightweight frame of about 6kg, it can go from 0 to 45 km per hr in just 3 seconds and a max speed of 80km. But the battery lasts for just 65 km which may not be enough for a long ride but still adequate for daily use.

Buying Light Rider isn’t  cheap. The company is planning to build just 50 of them for $56,100 a piece. It’s like APWork’s advertisement for its capability of fabricating material component. If you want to buy it, then they are currently taking $2229 deposits for booking this bike. But you should apply quickly.


Source: carscoops.com

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