This Self Balancing Motorcycle by Honda Never Falls Over

When we are riding the motorcycle at high speed, balancing it isn’t a problem but when we slow down then we lose momentum and gravity acts like it should, especially when the motorcycle is heavy. But Honda has got solution for this.

Unveiled at CES, it’s just a concept presently, but the technology seems to be very feasible for production, and could be integrated into pretty much any type of motorcycle.

Instead of using gyroscope for balancing the bike which also adds other couple of pounds of unwanted weight, Honda’s Ride Assist is used which is based on and adapted from technology which they are already using in its ASIMO robot and UNI-MO self-balancing scooter.

The bike automatically adjusts the steering and angle of front fork to keep it standing using Riding Assist, which makes thousands of imperceptible adjustments every moment.

Honda’s ride assist uses compact electric motors which disconnects the handlebars and coordinates their movement to its operation at speeds less than 3 mph. Another electric motor is located at the front wheel hub that allows it to move by itself enabling its ghost rider moves.

This might not be useful for everyone “Most riders can manage their bikes just fine,” says Lee Edmunds, in Honda’s motorcycle division. “This would be for those who want to relax a little bit and not stress out about falling over, if they’re older or a little shorter in stature or the bike is heavier. This takes away that anxiety.”

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