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This Ancient Pond in Pakistan is Made From Lord Shiva’s Tears

Shiva temples exist all across the world and only some have been existing since forever that mankind hasn’t accurately traced back the origin. One of them is Katasraj mandir. Located near Choa Saidanshah in Punjab, in Chakwal district, this temple originally housed seven temples and was the home of a warrior. But one only of the temple exists today, while others were crushed down naturally and some even buried under the rubble.

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There is an interesting anecdote to the story, though. There used to be two ponds that existed in the world which are parts of two different water bodies; one existed in Rajasthan’s Pushkar Pilgrimage and the other one is here. Pandavas used to stay here, according to the legends, when they were exiled, and this temple was constructed during those days. When Pandavas came across the pond wanting to quench their thirst, the protector of the lake, Yaksha, appeared near the lake and asked them to answer few questions before allowing them to drink water. (They had gone to the water turn by turn; first, it was Nakula, then Sahadeva, then Arjuna and Bhima). If they couldn’t, they will be killed. Four of the Pandavas didn’t even bother the questions and were killed by poisoning. Yudhisthira, searching for his brothers, arrived at the lake, answered the questions and revived his brothers.

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The other legend has it that when Shiva’s wife Sati died, Shiva cried and filled the barren land into a pond. With such legend in place, people from all across the country visit the temple during Shivaratri and bathe in the waters.

The pond is 200ft by 90ft and attracts visitors all around the year.

There are other Hindu temples in Pakistan too.

Gorakhnath temple, Peshawar

This was only opened recently after six decades. It was opened on the orders of Peshawar High Court.

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Hinglaj Mandir

Also known as Nani Mandir, this temple is situated in Hingol National Park in Baluchistan province in Pakistan, and is one of Shakti Peeths. Legend has it that when Vishnu cut up Sati’s body into 52 pieces, her head fell at this spot.

Sri Varun Dev Temple

Located on the shore of Manora Cantt, this temple is 160-year-old and is in a very poor condition lately. But, it has been under renovation since 2007 as Pakistan Hindu Council has taken charge for it.

Sharda Devi Temple

This temple lies in the Neelum valley across the Line of Control in Kashmir. There is also a Buddhist university in this valley and Adi Shankara is said to have visited this holy place.

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