Unusual Silver Boa Snake Discovered in The Bahamas

Biologists recently discovered an unusual silver boa snake. It is a new species, having diverged from other boas in the last several million years. Robert Henderson, a snake expert from the Milwaukee Museum of Natural History, remarked: ‘Worldwide, new species of frogs and lizards are being discovered and described with some regularity. New species of snakes, however, are much rarer.’

“We all came to take a look at it, and it was instantly clear that this was something different,” says biologist R. Graham Reynolds, part of the scientific team exploring the remote islands.

Expedition member Alberto Puente-Rolón, an expert on Caribbean boas, agreed that the animal appeared unlike any species of known boa.

The silver snakes are believed to have diverged from other boa snakes in the last several million years.


Emerald tree boa snakes are a related species which can be found in the rainforests of South America. 


A juvenile emerald tree boa snake is just beginning to turn the brilliant emerald green colour it will achieve as an adult


These findings show that important discoveries are still waiting to be made and that new species of animals are ever evolving.  Conservation measures are being put in place to prevent its extinction.

Source – Nationalgeographic.com

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