What Kind Of Person Are You ? Your Eyebrows Can Reveal Your Personality

Your eyebrow shape can actually reveal your personality. They are sending out a message to everyone you meet, whether you realize it or not. See which eyebrow shape best match your own and see what they reveal about your personality.

The Pointed Brow

The pointed eyebrow is a thinner brow that actually comes to a point before heading back down and indicates that you’re in control. In other words, it’s like a power brow that shows you’re comfortable taking charge.While you are sometimes capable of striking fear into subordinates, you are just as capable of inspiring them.

The Large Gap

The large gap generally indicates that you are a bit of an anxious worrier who gets easily get caught up in things — possibly overplucking. However, you only worry because you care, and others flock to you because they know they will find a friend who is both caring and invested.

The Thin Brow

Whether this is true or not, you prefer putting on an innocent face and avoid confrontation whenever possible. Much like your quiet brows, you prefer to take on the role of listener.

The Regular Arched

They indicate you like things to be a little more straightforward and traditional. It’s not that you aren’t a deep person, but you just prefer to keep things on the less complicated or dramatic side.

The Unibrow

When eyebrows grow together into one single brow, you have the unibrow, a true sign of individuality and lack of caring about plucking or waxing.  You are unique, creative, and one-of-a-kind.Your love of all things fantasy makes you a fun and fascinating person to be around.

The Thick Brow

You have a free spirit and an appreciation for nature and all things natural.You are less concerned with the way that others perceive you, and more concerned with living life to the fullest and being happy.

The Natural Straight

The natural straight eyebrows are quite similar to the regular arched brows, except that they form a much straighter line and look, well, more natural. What you see is what you get, and you’re a straightforward person who isn’t afraid, to be honest.These brows actually make you appear even more trustworthy by giving your eyes a “kinder” quality. As a result, friends and family trust you immensely and love to confide in you.

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The Short Brow

You’re an extremely detail-oriented person and have a tenacity for life, work, and love that others around you admire greatly.Your attention to detail makes you a model employee, though your focus on the minute things in life can sometimes leave you missing the bigger picture — and bigger brows.

The Straight Up

These lack any curve at all and can make a serious first impression on other people, telling them you’re not someone to be messed with.While you have a kind side, these brows are fair warning that it’s best if others get out of your way.

The High Arch

The high-arched eyebrows are quite high on your face and quite rounded, screaming “look at me!” which you tend to enjoy.They show you have a flair for drama and enjoy being the center of attention. People flock to you to hear entertaining stories and funny jokes.

So put your best face forward, Internet: What do your brows say about you?

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