What kind of Person are You? Your Fingers Can Reveal Your Personality

Analyzing the form of your fingers you can find out what kind of person you are. What kind of personality are you?


If the form of your fingers is of type A:

  • You tend to interiorize the thoughts and the feelings and you are a melancholic person. Often, you pretend to be stronger and more independent than you are in reality.
  • You are a very emotional person. You behave faultlessly with those who surround you, once you get to know them better.
  • You are a correct person, and you detest the lie, the hypocrisy, and the deception.
  • You display yourself as being powerful and temperate. You seldom exteriorize your feelings.
  • You are a little bit eccentric and arrogant. Many things which happen around you bother you.
  • You are a magnanimous and altruistic person. You follow out any received task, even if you do not like it.
  • You are a very funny character, crossing with serenity even negative situations. You easily betray your thoughts and inner emotions through the facial expression and gestures.
  • You have a detached attitude towards foreigners, but also you are very involved in the relations with your beloved ones.

If the form of fingers is of type B:

  • You do not like to overtake the initiative to approach and know new persons.
  • You are a very loyal person. Once you fall in love with someone, you concentrate your whole attention on that person.
  • You have a very sensible nature, although this thing becomes clear seldom, because you tend to repress your thoughts and feelings, attempting to avoid the ones who surround you.
  • Once you take a decision, nothing can stop you on your way. You always follow out the set plans.
  • You are afraid to not to be hurt. You pretend that everything is fine when you are alone, even if the things are exactly the opposite.
  • You keep calm even in very delicate moments.
  • Even if you have a very sensible and vulnerable essence, you effort to seem a strong, independent and categorical person.
  • You are a dreamer, and you build many projections on an ideational plan. You idealize the things so that you always dream to meet that person that will entirely understand you and will unconditionally love you.
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If the form of fingers is of type C:

  • You do not like the challenges. You do not want to deal with new, unknown things.
  • You respect the opinions of others.
  • You get nervous very quickly and mostly from tiny things.
  • Sometimes, you can become arrogant, especially when the discussion in which you are involved is contradictory. Because you get nervous rapidly, the discussion can transform very quickly into a quarrel. The good thing is that you realize if you are wrong, you do not jump salty, and you have the power to apologize.
  • You keep your problems and sentiments just for yourself.
  • You do not like to feign. You know very well what you like and what you don’t.
  • You like to trust people and them to trust in you.
  • You have a big heart, that can be easily hurt so that every time someone apologizes you accept without hesitation, forgiving everything.

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