Why Should You Update Your Drone Firmware

There’s many reasons to update your drone firmware, both from a legal and personal use standpoint. It’s important to upgrade firmware to ensure your drone works properly, and while a fairly simple process, you’ll still need an internet connection to update.

So what are some of the reasons to update your personal drone’s firmware?

No-Fly Zone Compliance

One of the arguably best reasons to update drone firmware is to make certain your drone complies with no-fly zone requirements. For example, all drone models, including DJI Phantom, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+, are not permitted to fly over Washington, D.C. city limits. DJI has subsequently created a firmware update that extends no-fly zone limits in all directions. Part of the company’s ongoing concern for safe drone flight, it is adding “sensitive” institutions and national borders to its no-fly list.


As amazing as drones are, the potential of losing power or crashing before returning to their home base is still an issue. DJI is once again on the forefront of firmware updates by optimizing their compass calibration program. Optimization is designed to substantially improve reliability.

Fail-Safe Landing

Another firmware update in regards to reliability is the fail-safe landing aspect. Again, you don’t want your personal drone to crash into a million bits, as drones aren’t the cheapest electronic on the market. This makes a fail-safe landing update necessary. For example, the update on Phantom drone models allows users to fully control their unmanned aerial vehicle’s altitude and position. Once the fail-safe automatic landing is complete and motors have powered down, you may instantly restart your drone. A great update that allows you to effectively manage your drone, no?

Remember to follow drone firmware update instructions exactly to avoid costly problems.


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