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  • 4 Creative Ways To Turn Leftovers Into a Delicious Dish

    Winding up the leftover foods seems to be such a difficult task. Sometimes while winding up the leftovers in the fridge I wonder – what creativity can I show on these? I know I can make a quick and easy recipe at the time of need with practically any type of food that is leftover, […]

  • 5 Favorable Eating Hacks For Longer & Healthier Life

    Whatever We Eat Reflects On Our Health!  If one knew exactly what to eat and how to eat, then they would be making the best of their lives. Sadly, we are all too busy and are therefore unaware or disinterested in rectifying our eating habits. And when we fall sick, we visit doctors, who simply […]

  • Eating Healthy on limited budget: For your pocket and Body

    With the new year around the corner, there will be no prizes for guessing that embarking on a healthy journey will be the top resolution, as always. The gym memberships soar, the fridges get stacked with expensive healthy food. Well here’s the good news, healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive. Forget Mariah Carey’s Purple […]