5 Tips To Curb Unhealthy Food Cravings In You

Food cravings are a dieters’ worst enemy!    

Almost everybody has food cravings. Even if you are not dieting, it is difficult to curb them. Food cravings overtake our willpower completely and we feel bad about it after gobbling up that entire pack of chips! So, here’s the deal – Let us put a stop to them.

Follow these FIVE tips to stop them from stripping you of your willpower and letting your morale down.

Do Not Skip the Meals

Hunger is enough to overpower your senses. That is why one should never skip meals in their diet because then they end up having, even more food than skipped. If you follow such kind of diet then you should cross check it. So, from now onward, have your meals on time and keep healthy snacks or fruits at your hand’s reach. You might be able to prevent extra food intake by eating in regular periods instead of thinking of skipping meals.

Sleep Is Solution to Most Problems

Depriving yourself of sleep might also lead to non-stop eating. If you are not getting a minimum 7 hours of sleep per day, then take this as your wake-up call. Sleep is extremely important for your body; it is your healthy fix. Sleep will reenergize you and distract you from your food cravings at times as well.

Have A Food Cheat Day Once In A Fortnight

You might ask why a food cheat day. That is because if you are on dieting it simply means you are ignoring the food desires of your heart. Ultimately, you’ll give up on the diet itself. That is why you should have a food cheat day once in few days so that you stick up to your workout as well as your diet. If your heart knows that your cheat day is approaching it will not push you to give into those cravings and in fact, you’ll work even harder.

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Keep Yourself Occupied With Work

These days, teenagers spend their days on beds or couch with a pack of chips or a chocolate bar in one hand and a TV remote in the other. Boredom makes you do that.  Don’t let your boredom result in an obese you! Keep yourself occupied with non-eating activities; focus on your work or hobbies. Do every possible thing you can to avoid food cravings. Keeping yourself busy can lets you to take off your mind from food.

Stress Is Not the cure. Relax!

Studies have shown that people consume more food and mainly chocolates when they are stressed especially for women. As per a Study, stressed women are found to have uncontrollable desires to munch on chocolates, or oily food. So, avoid stress and try to take few deep breaths when you are stressed and surround yourself with people who invoke positive vibes in you.

Knowing your cravings and their triggers can be a convenient way to avoid them. You won’t lose weight through all these but you will sure shot not gain any more weight that is for sure.

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