Five ways to lose weight without much effort

Enough of hearing the dreaded words ‘dieting’ and ‘workouts’!

We got you some simple hacks that will make you lose weight without much of efforts. Just incorporate these simple tips and tricks in your everyday schedule and you are sure to lay off those extra pounds.

1. Do Not Sit For Long

Well, this does not mean take up a job of a traveler or guide, rather what it really means is to keep moving even in your sitting job. It is vital that you get up from your seat often. A deskbound lifestyle is the main reason behind weight gain and other similar problems. Walk for 10 minutes after lunch. Consider moving from your desk once in every 2 hours, whether it is to fetch that printout from the printer, or to fill up your water bottle. This will not let the fat settle.

2. Keep a Stock of Healthy Foods

Always make sure that you have a sufficient stock of healthy food such as fruits, protein fillers in your kitchen and at your work station. You will mechanically consume healthy and nutritious foods if they are within your reach, instead of the junk food.

3. Consume More Liquid

Include the fluids such as lime water, green tea, fruit juice, in your diet and consume them at regular intervals. Increase your intake of water. This will make you feel less hungry and also keep your body hydrated. Avoid/reduce the intake of coffee and tea as these are drinks with high levels of sugar and caffeine as it will only add to your weight and stress levels.


4. Develop a Habit of Walking

Just come back from the work and relax a little. Then hit the park and walk for 15 minutes every day. Walking helps in burning close to about 80 calories in just 30 minutes. You can do a brisk morning walk, or simply choose to climb stairs over the elevator, and always prefer walking short distances.

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5. Wear Clothes that Fit Well

This one is to motivate and push you to lose weight. Proper fitting clothes show the extra flab and help you notice how much weight you need to reduce.

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