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  • Your hands have the power to heal, says Hindu Dharma and Buddhism

    You can create different posture from your hands. They are called ‘mudras’. It is said that mudras can influence the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your body. It’s a very common practice in the East, and they are used by spiritual leaders in both Hindu Religion and Buddhism. In the modern era, yogis and […]

  • Somnath Temple – The first Jyotirlinga temple of Lord Shiva

    Somnath temple is a proof that the power of reconstruction shall always be greater than the power of destruction. Located in Gir Somnath district of Gujarat, India, Somnath temple is the first of the 12 jyotirlingas. The temple has undergone many reconstructions as it got destroyed several times, the one that is standing today was […]

  • Here is why Hinduism is actually called Sanatana Dharma

    In ancient times, Persians called people living on the bank of Sindhu River as Hindu because they lacked ‘Sa’ syllable in their language and pronunciation, and mixed with ‘Ha’ syllable, thus called Hindu instead of Sindhu. After the influence of European, especially British, due to the colonization of Indus Valley civilization, Hindu religion came to […]

  • God and Soul, Atma and Paramatma according to Hindu Dharma

    There are many names of God in Hindu Dharma: Brahman, Isvara, Paramatman, Supreme Self, Bhagavan, Parabrahman, Shiva, Vishnu, Yaksha etc. The soul, on the other hand, is known as Atman or self or individual self. The supreme self and the self are two eternal entities of creation. Both are enjoyers. But one is the supreme […]

  • The unsolved Mystery of Nidhivan in Vrindavan that will give you chills

    Vrindavan is the land of love as here resided Lord Krishna during his infant days. Another aspect which makes the grounds of Vrindavan completely drenched in love, and care, is the affection between Lord Krishna and Radha. The temples here are dedicated to the duo whose love in the purest form, touched the spiritual heights. One […]

  • Lord Rama's Elder Sister Shanta

    Unveiling the Secret of Lord Rama’s Elder Sister Shanta

    Either in Grandmother’s tales or on television screens, we all have heard and watched Ramayana as we were kids. The Holy Book speaks of the victory of Good over Evil. Our knowledge of Ramayana is limited to the tales of faithful Lord Hanuman, unbeatable Lord Rama, purest of all Goddess Sita, fearless Lakshmana and the […]

  • The Underlying symbolism of the Samudra Manthan

    The story of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean) appears in the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata, and the Vishnu Purana, and explains the origin of amrita, the drink of immortality. The story of the Samudra Manthan symbolizes the spiritual endeavor of a person, trying to achieve self-realisation by concentrating his mind, withdrawing his senses, controlling his […]

  • Influence of Hindu religion in Southeast Asia

    Hindu religion is the oldest religion known so far and it is not only influential in India but also many Southeast Asian countries. The civilization of India influenced the languages, scripts, calendars, and artistic aspects of these peoples and nations. Myanmar (Burma) Hindu religion in Burma is practiced by about 8,40,000 people. Because a reliable […]

  • The Powerful Mantras and Stotras for Spiritual Empowerment

    Now that we have cleared that Hindu Dharma is one such religion where the follower can worship any form of the Lord that suits his spiritual need, let us get into the modes of channeling our inner grievances and beliefs to the Supreme Lord. In Hindu Religion, people have different ways of connecting to the […]

  • Lord Indra – Vedic god of rain and thunder

    For many, the Vedas are books of scriptures to guide one’s mind through Hindu religion. But truth be told Vedic and Hindu are very philosophically different. While Hindu Dharma is polytheistic Vedic is Monotheistic on a macro level. Hindu Vs Vedic Many believe due to several splits that occurred after the Dasarajna war, different tribes […]

  • Death of Narakasura – Who controlled all the kingdoms on Earth

    We celebrate the second day of Diwali as the day Asura Naraka was killed, and the day is known as Naraka Chaturdashi. There are different versions of who killed Asura Naraka: 1. Maha Kali In some parts of India, Naraka Chaturdashi is also called “Kali Chaudas” as it is said that Maha Kali killed Narakasura. […]

  • The Origin of Gandharvas and Beautiful Apsaras in Hindu Dharma

    Hindu Religion is home to many mystical creatures each bestowed with their own existence purpose and role in the cosmic harmony. The Gandharvas are often associated with music while the Apsaras are known for their beauty which often plays the catalyst in bringing down a deeply meditating guru or a Rakshasa (demon). They are portrayed as […]