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  • How did Lord Rama travel from Lanka to Ayodhya in Just 18 days?

    Every Hindu is acquainted with the story of Ramayana in one way or the other. It’s the story of how Lord Rama saves his wife from Ravana’s – the demon king’s – abduction. Before that, he and his brother Laxman was exiled from the palace by his father Dasharatha. The war between the two extreme […]

  • 9 Unknown Truths You Probably Didn’t Know About Ravana

    Ravana is often considered as an evil character in the Ramayana. However, the truth is we can’t really classify him as completely good or bad. Like every other mortal being, even he had his shades of gray. Although, it’s quite true that he was the most dexterous, but he was one of the most interesting […]