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  • This Shiva Temple possesses greater power than the Chardham

    Patal Bhuvaneshwar is a limestone cave temple in the village of Bhubneshwar in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The cave runs 160 m in length and is 90 feet in depth.Essentially a Shiva abode, this place is believed to rest 33 koti gods and some people say, a worship here is more special than the […]

  • 6 Artistic Monuments In India That Will Leave You Awestruck

    India, known for its rich and profound heritage is a host to a plethora of structural marvels, which we took the liberty to entitle ‘Beautiful Monuments of the country’. From awstrucking architecture to the pure combination of nature and skill, the country has much more to offer other than the pristine white Taj Mahal. We […]

  • Travel To Witness The National Symbols Of India

    There are various national symbols of India including, national emblem, national animal, the national bird, and etcetera. So, today we are going to discuss these symbols that reflect different aspects of India: National Emblem The national emblem of India is taken from Sarnath, Lion Capital of Ashoka. It consists of four Asiatic lions, of which […]

  • The beauty of religious tourism is in its journey

    You will seldom find religious places in India which do not involve footing a tough terrain. Sometimes, it is a remote location and reaching the temple site is a treacherous drive on roads. Other times, God abode are located on hilltops, high altitude areas and you have the convenience of reaching the temple using a […]

  • You Should Trek to Gosaikunda Lake created by Lord Shiva himself

    Gosaikunda Trek has always been a popular trek among the Hindu devotees for its religious significance, as well as young adventurers since it is relatively easy and short. In the past, thousands of Nepali and Indian devotees flooded the area during Janai Purnima also known and Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as part of religious traditions. […]

  • Sri Muktinath Temple – The temple of Liberation for Hindus and Buddhists

    Located at an altitude of 3,710m at the foot of Thorong La Pass in Mustang, Muktinath is a holy place among the Hindus as well as the Buddhists. Hindus call the place Mukti Kshetra, from where people are liberated or obtain moksha. Among the Sri Vaishnava sect, the temple is regarded as 106th among the […]

  • Garden City of Silvassa – The Capital of Dadar and Nagar Havelli  

    Starting with a couple of important facts of Silvassa Silvassa – the capital of Dadar and Nagar Haveli, the union territory of India. It has numerous factories and industries and helps maintain a low level of taxation. Before independence, during the Portuguese rule, it was known as Vila de Paço d’Arcos. The population of approximately […]

  • 10 Romantic Places In India That Are Perfect Getaways For Newlyweds

    While marriage is a commitment for life between the couple, a Wedding is for everyone. With the Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, rasam and receptions the bride and groom are bound to be tired. The relationship that is supposed to begin fresh is dampened by the stress. Enter Honeymoon- For couples to rewind, relax and enjoy each […]

  • Lakhamandal in Uttrakhand is a Shiva temple with full of surprises

    It is a temple located at a distance of 125 km from Dehradun. Common people and pilgrims visit this unique site for blessings. It is not just an ordinary visit. There are many legendary stories attached to this miraculous abode of Lord Shiva. The name Lakha Mandal means a lakh Shivlingas. The first sight of […]

  • 6 Things Every Avid Traveler Is Totally Aware Of

    Today, everybody loves traveling to new places and also keep on adding new destinations to their wish-list. Whether you travel for official purpose or for relaxation, there are certain experiences you want to live and take home as memories. If your experience matches up to your expectation, then great; if not, bad luck! As dreamy […]

  • 6 Wise Lessons Traveling Can Teach You

    without any doubt, traveling is the most intense and easy mode of learning. Just when you get involve in different cities, languages, cultures and people, you truly discover yourself. And just when you’ve been to the sweetest spot, you don’t want to return back. So, here are some important life lessons that traveling can teach you […]

  • Visit Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple to free yourself from all types of poison

    Among the 12 Jyotirlingas, Nageshvara Jyotirlinga is located at Nageshwar, Dwarka, Gujarat, India. This temple is also known as “Darukavana”, an ancient epic name of a forest in India. Other names are Nagnath Temple or Nageshwar Mahadev, and it is a temple that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Worshipping in Nageshvara Jyotirlinga can […]