15 Things you Need to Do to Make Your Marriage Last forever

In the modern world we live in, finding true love may not be that hard, it’s the following up and making it last, that proves rather difficult. The energy and emotions invested in making a relationship work can be stressful, so here are few possible tips to help you keep your marriage and relationship forever.

1. Exercise being ‘right’ rationally but shutting up about it

Relationships and arguments are NEVER a zero-sum game.


2. Believing all massages you give should end in sex

No they should not


3. Allow your girlfriend to answer your phone for you. To read a Facebook message whilst you’re in the shower

Foster TRUST3017434-poster-p-it-takes-224-tweets-70-facebook-messages-and-30-phone-calls-for-a-couple-to-fall-in-love

4. Read up on ‘How to Make a Woman Satisfied’

And make sure ‘She Comes First


5. Keep a ‘Her’ folder of the movies she likes, things she wants. I’m talking objects here

Schedule calendar reminders to surprise her with random gifts that relate to this folder


6. Keep a sub folder with her ‘hopes, desires and dreams’

Again detail how you can help her with these in the short, medium and long term


7. Practice the art of non-violent communication

One criticism = Five compliments. Never forget that golden ratio


8. Don’t demand sex unless it’s appropriate

And when you want it. Seduce her. Don’t just be blatant.


9. Don’t develop ‘secret female friendships’. Don’t flirt with other women

Trust once broken is usually the cause of around 3-10 years of reminders


10. If you need to complain about her. Complain to a female family member (that doesn’t see your wife very often)

  1. That’s a safe zone
  2. Or else find someone disconnected. Ring the Samaritans if you need to

11. Be very careful around single female friends and ex-girlfriends

That’s a slippery slope right there

Wedding cake visual metaphor with figurine cake toppers

12. Compliment in public. Discuss problems in private

DON’T wash your laundry in public

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Hispanic Couple Sitting On Sofa Arguing

13. Laugh. Everyday

It’s something that you need to do everyday of your relationship


14. Don’t grow old

In the mind. Remain young


15. Surprise her

With cooking and housework. These will probably win you most bonuses


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