5 Great looking and Useful sites built using Node.js

These five sites were built using Node.js (or they use it for production). Node.js has become a rather popular language for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Lets go through these examples and draw inspiration at the same time.

5 Great looking and Useful sites built using Node.js

1. Diy.org

A community for young makers to learn new skills and make awesome friends.


2. Mural.ly

Murally is an online whiteboard designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in a playful way.


3. Datahero.com

Use Node.js, Express and Backbone.js for a data visualization and analytics web app.


4. Browserling.com

Its for testing all browsers in your browser.


5. Bandpage.com

Used by musicians to share music, videos, photos, touring schedule and more with their fans.


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