50+ Free Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners

Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software. It is widely used by graphics designers and photographers. If you are planning to learn Photoshop, here are some basic tutorials to start and improve your photo-editing skills. These tutorials will help you start from scratch and move up to the expert level.


  1. Getting Started with Photoshop
  2. Photoshop’s Toolbox For Beginners By Tutorial9
  3. Photoshop For Beginners: The Power of Layers
  4. Photoshop’s Filters For Beginners By Tutorial9
  5. Layer Styles For Beginners By Tutorial9
  6. Photoshop 101 – Adjustment Layers By Design Reviver
  7. Retouch and Healing Tools
  8. A Comprehensive Introduction to the Type Tool By TutsPlus Design
  9. Photoshop 101: How To Use The Free Transform Tool By Design Reviver
  10. Master Photoshops Selection Tools in Under 30 Minutes By PSDFan
  11. Installing And Managing Brushes And Other Presets By PSHero
  12. Photoshop Actions Tutorials By Photoshop Essentials
  13. Manipulating a WW2 Fighter Aircraft
  14. Make a Turn of the Century Vaudeville Poster By TutsPlus Design
  15. 6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch
  16. Amazing Photoshop light effect in 10 Steps By Abduzeedo
  17. 3D Transform a Colorful Cube Design
  18. Silhouettes and Gradients
  19. Pencil It In By PSHero
  20. Dramatic Wrinkles
  21. Craft a Vintage Fifties Letter By TutsPlus Design
  22. Text In Stitches By PSHero
  23. 3D Pixel Stretch Effects in Photoshop
  24. Create Cool Watercolor Effects in Photoshop By TutsPlus Design
  25. Create a Basic Vexel Image
  26. Complex Repeating Patterns By PSHero
  27. How to create a T-shirt from scratch
  28. Retro Colors
  29. Design a Glossy Download Icon By TutsPlus Design
  30. Wood Inlay Text By PSHero
  31. Add Visual Texture 3 Easy Steps
  32. Smoke Type in Photoshop in 10 Steps By Abduzeedo
  33. Design a Vista Styled Wallpaper
  34. Wicked Worn Vintage Poster
  35. Vintage Photo Corners
  36. Mysterious Lighting Effect Tutorial for Photoshop
  37. Reader Tutorial: Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop
  38. The Out of Bounds Photoshop Effect
  39. Faking miniature photographs with photoshop
  40. Fashion Shot
  41. Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop
  42. Creating Custom Patterns
  43. Create the Glass Shelf Dock from Leopard OS in Photoshop
  44. Really Cool Digital Make up in Photoshop in 10 min
  45. Create a Wavy Blackberry Style Wallpaper Design
  46. Vanity License Plate
  47. Easily Create a Beautiful, Unique Website Header
  48. Awesome digital bokeh effect in Photoshop
  49. Orange Porsche. Fruit Skin
  50. Wrinkled Photo
  51. Frayed Denim Patch With Stitches
  52. Enhance Graphics with Easy Depth of Field
  53. Colorful Glowing Text
  54. Mix Cool Retro Curves Into Your Photographs
  55. Create an Awesome Music Poster
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