7 Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Babies

With a new one born every few seconds, babies keep the world going ‘round. However, they have more to teach us than originally thought. Check out these 7 weird facts about babies that will have you pondering the miracle of life and looking at your own kids a little differently.

1 . In the womb, all babies grow mustaches…that they eat.


Source: DawnMcVey

2 . Babies’ eyes are 75% their adult size when they’re born.


Source: iStockPhoto | randomhistory.com

3 . Babies prefer female voices, and subconsciously adults adapt.


Source: iStockPhoto| randomhistory.com

4 . Babies don’t have bony kneecaps.


Source: iStockPhoto | howstuffworks.com

5 . Newborns don’t actually cry tears.


Source :iStockPhoto | onlinenursepractitionerschools.com

6 . Until seven months of age, babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.


Source: iStockPhoto | randomhistory.com

7 . Babies double in weight during their first five months of life.


Source: DawnMcVey | disneybaby.com

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