Hindu Philosophy asks you to keep these 7 secrets

There is an old saying by the famous Greek philosopher Seneca that goes: “If you want your secret to being saved, save it yourself.” It’s not just about the secrets, however; there are things that is better off undisclosed.

Here, we will be discussing the teachings of sages whose philosophies rested on the fact that it is better to deal with our inner being ourselves, and that it should remain with us. These are the secrets that hold our weaknesses.

The core aspect of Hindu philosophy is the practical nature of it, and since the start of life, Hindu sages have been centered around solving the problems of life. These are the collection of seven aspects of life that sages talk about keeping a secret:

1. Your projects

Your plans are your plans. They are yours completely and it is intimate to you. No plans are perfect, and if you specify your plans, you can be the victims of criticism, and can even be sabotaged by people who get jealous of you. It is better to talk about projects when you finish them unless you need other people to complete it.

2. Charitable Acts

There are people who boast about being generous and developing an act of charity. Don’t be one of them. It is good to be charitable, but there is no necessity to disclose it.

3. Heroic acts

As David Bowie says, “We can be heroes just for one day.” But it is not necessary to split our act of heroism to people. The recognition needs to be personal and should be part of your self-admiration. Only then will you be truly able to understand your inner self.

4. Intimacies

Inner harmony needs to be found through our own means. So, your personal pleasures such as sex or foodgasms need to be reserved for yourself, unless you are trying to educate someone with a true heart.

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5. Spiritual Knowledge

There is always a spiritual path for everyone, and everyone must their own path to spiritual knowledge. Only then they would be able to internalize it. It is okay to share the spiritual knowledge, but you need to keep secrets about your personal gains from spiritual knowledge.

6. Family problems

Conflicts are everywhere. With your wife or husband. Or your family. You should solve your problem where they start. If you have a problem with your wife, solve it with her. If you have a problem with your husband, solve it with him. Don’t share your problems with others who will be judging you.

7. Everything you hear

You don’t need to divulge in everything you hear. Everyone has heard those little conversations and arguments between the couples. It is a waste of energy to take those problems to our home because that is nothing but bad energies. You don’t need to speak out loud about everything you hear.

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