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  • Hindu Philosophy asks you to keep these 7 secrets

    There is an old saying by the famous Greek philosopher Seneca that goes: “If you want your secret to being saved, save it yourself.” It’s not just about the secrets, however; there are things that is better off undisclosed. Here, we will be discussing the teachings of sages whose philosophies rested on the fact that […]

  • 15 Powerful Bruce Lee Philosophies To Help You Deal with the World

    Bruce Lee was a Chinese American action film star, martial arts instructor, filmmaker, and philosopher. Lee was renowned for his physical fitness and vigor, achieved by using a dedicated fitness regimen to become as strong as possible. He developed Jeet Kune Do from Wing Chun and other martial arts. When Bruce was 14, he got […]

  • 25 life changing lessons people most often learn too late in life

    Your philosophy is your strategy for living. It is your view of the world and your relationship to it, and it affects every decision you make, every day. Here are few very important life lessons, most of the people learn too late in life. Kindness: If you’re giving back you’ve already taken too much. Resources: Time […]