Innovative Floating Forest to Be Installed in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mothership, an art collective composed of local dutch entrepreneurs and designers, has come up with the idea of creating a floating forest placed in the middle of the city. This spring, the Dobberend Bos aka Bobbing Forest will be constructed, out of 20 trees floating peacefully within the city’s harbour, Rijnhaven. 

The innovative project aims to stimulate conversation on “how urbanites deal with nature and conversely what nature does with the city dweller.

A simple yet brilliant way to introduce some greenery back into urban areas by making use of the space on hand, perhaps this concept will eventually be adopted by other cities around the world.

This innovative new project will work to increase urban greenspace within the city of Rotterdam.

The team was inspired to create this installation by “In Search Of Habitus” an art piece by Jorge Bakker. Bakker is known for his works that examine overlooked elements within our surroundings, such as water and wind.  Mothership seized this concept and ran with it, initiating a trial run in March 2014 with a single tree.

via – Bored Panda | Contemporist

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