Social media is looking more like human races


The social sites and people on the internet have been growing like popcorn in the microwave lately. And so have been the activities to master them and put your message forward, pretty much literally. Every media had their specialty or USP to start with but as time went on they started adding that little extra or others USP. I am an old school guy and I like to keep it real. I hated the idea of a brilliant camera on a smartphone but with time  it started to sink in and now I can’t live without it.

An analogy can be drawn from the human race itself. It hasn’t happened yet but its been a prediction which was in everybody’s tongues a few years back. That after a few decades (say 2099) all humans will look alike (some shade of brown) due to generations of cross breeding of races. It will surely bring about tranquility in terms of color commotion that is still about today but will render individual races history fairly, in a plain word, boring.

Social media is looking more like human races

Now coming back to the point. If instagram will share their focus on messages instead of images and filter, facebook with hashtags and twitter with images then wont all social media look the same five or ten years down the line. I mean, excuse my ignorance, but that is exactly what visuals I get at the moment. I am not even touching advertising in social media yet. I want my originals back. Can any body elaborate a little on this? What does the future hold?

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