Supreme Yoga Poses to Inspire you right Away

Yoga is convenient most of all. It is proven. So why hesitate. It is fairly easy to finish in 20 minutes of your spare time, morning or evening. It is exotic too. And it works. It works like magic. At least something is better that nill. Human need exercise. Don’t jump into the lock-everthing pose at first. Try a simple one and then move on. One good difficult pose in your bag and you can do the rest easy. Get inspired by these asap mate.

1. David Beckham…?

Adi Yoga Mallin by Michael Huntley

2. German and Daniel, Yoga in Autumn

German and Daniel Yoga in Autumn by Michael Huntley on 500px.com

3. Outdoor yoga session in beautiful place by a lake

Outdoor yoga session in beautiful place by a lake by Anna Bieniek

4. This pose is called Koundinyasana

Koundinyasana by Michelle Haymoz on 500px.com

5. At the beach

Woman doing yoga by Nikita Buida on 500px.com

6. A man and woman preforming acroyoga in the jungles of Gokarna, India

acroyoga by Filip Jedraszak on 500px.com

7. Yoga – Veranasi, India

Yoga Veranasi India by Brian Hunter

8. Yoga split at an abandoned hotel in Goa, India

Yoga Split by Filip Jedraszak on 500px.com


9. Yoga talent. Flexibility. Street show performance.

Art by shahjahan photography on 500px.com

10. Yoga in the mountains

Yoga in the mountains by Karan Khera

11. Up a wall….


12. Happy yoga day

Happy yoga day by Pavan Sakaram on 500px.com
Images: 500px.com




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