These Are 10 Best Free Online Website Builder

You want to create a website online without spending your money. Free Online website builders help anyone to create a simple website within few minutes. You don’t need any knowledge of programming or website designing to create a website using online website builders.

To help you get started with free online website builders, we have collected 10 best free online website builder in this post.

10 Best Free Online Website Builder

1. Yola

Yola - free online website builder

Yola is powerful and flexible website builder. No technical experience required! Make a free website with our easy drag & drop functionality. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Choose themes from hundreds of professionally designed and fully customizable styles.Make it your own by adding photos, videos, maps, forms and much more. You can use your own domain or get a custom domain from yola.

2. Wix

Wix - best free website builder

Wix is one of the best free online website builders. It provides drag and drop website editor with HTML5 capabilities. Here you can a create professional websites for your business or company absolutely free. Simple to use, no creative limits and no coding. Around 37,000,000 people worldwide have Wix websites and 15000 apps are installed daily. So from these stats you know why Wix is a best online website builder.

3. Webs

Webs - free website builder

Webs provides everything you need to get your business online. You don’t need to know any programming or coding to create a website. Here you will find high-quality professional themes for your business and personal websites. You can choose Webs for its innovation, best tools, ease-of-use and much more.

4. IMCreator

IMCreator - best website builder

IMCreator is all about making website building a simple and enjoyable experience, accessible for everyone. In just a few steps you can create a website : choose a design, insert your content and publish it to the world. Easy to create, update, maintain & promote. All you need to get real results from your site.

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5. Moonfruit

Moonfruit - best website builder

Your audience expects to find you everywhere, via their PCs, mobiles, tablets and social networking sites. Our new HTML5-powered website builder takes care of this for you. And all for free!

6. Snappages

Snappages - website builder

Choose from any one of our professional website themes and then customize it to fit your taste. You can quickly change basic features like colors and fonts, or you can modify advanced settings like typography and dimensions.

7. Yep

Yep - website builder

Technology is moving quickly and you’ve probably realized that you need your own website to stay relevant. Today more and more customers look up for services and products on the Internet. Therefore, having a website is the essential condition for your successful business. Actually, there are 2 ways to launch your own site. You can either find professional designers and pay them or build it yourself.

8. Jigsy

Jigsy - online website builder

No need to know HTML. Simply drag elements to your website.

9. Webnode

webnode - online website builder

Webnode is a tool for the fast and easy creation of web sites. Simple, on-line and free. You can even use your own domain.

10. Ucoz

Ucoz - free online website builder

uCoz has launched a new handy tool – Social Bar – that allows users to add various social Like and Share buttons to their websites. Now the webmasters won’t need to get a separate code from each social network. Just enable Social Bar via the Control Panel of your website and you will see all the necessary buttons on the website pages.

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