What do different shapes of eyebrows say about personality?

Eyebrows are one of the first few things we notice when we see someone’s face. Back in the days in China, to have a thick, smooth and long eyebrow that were set well above the eyes was considered to be a good omen. On the contrary, having short and thin eyebrows that were close to the eyes were considered bad fortune. This is only a smaller picture. The bigger picture is that eyebrows are related to lungs and liver.

Shape of eyebrows and personality

According to those Chinese, our eyebrows are called Sibling Palace which denotes the relationship between you and your siblings, your sibling’s personality, health situation, as well as the level of support.

But different eyebrows indicate different things. People having thick ideas are meticulous and are more about details, and can multi-task well. They are also very passionate and generous towards loved ones. Bushy eyebrows, on the other hand, refers to active people. They think constantly and keep their ideas and thoughts in the flow. Thin eyebrowed people are intelligent but prefer to do one task at a time. They are less passionate about things they love.

Eyebrows extending beyond the eyes indicate that the person has many siblings and if the eyebrows are short, then it indicates fewer siblings. Light eyebrows indicate fewer friends or siblings too, or that you have some kind of sickness and lack energy because of that. If it is so light that you can’t even see it, then it means that the person is cold-hearted.

People with pointed eyebrows have strong work ethics and demand others of the same. They are the leaders.

If the glabella, the area between your eyebrows, are dark, then it means the person is ill and can have bad things happening to them. If they are close and almost connected, then the person is very emotional and overthink on insignificant problems. For men, it is better to have eyebrows that are two fingers width apart, and for women, it is better to have eyebrows that are 1 and a half fingers width apart to keep balance.

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High eyebrows signify generosity and aloofness. They also plan before doing something and have the “wait-and-see” approach.

High Eyebrows
High Eyebrows

Low-set eyebrows, on the other hand, signify ambition and impatience. They want to get their job done quickly and process information quickly.

Low Eyebrows
Low Eyebrows

According to the same facial reading technique developed by Chinese, the wider the gap between eyebrows and eyes, happier the life one would lead. Their belief is that people width wide gap can receive help from others and get what they ask for, while the people with smaller gap do not. Thus, they have to work harder to achieve their goals.

People with thin and moon-shaped eyebrows are gentle, friendly, open, considerate and well balanced.

People with straight eyebrows are ambitious, direct, and business minded.

Straight Eyebrows
Straight Eyebrows

People with angled eyebrows are active, impatient and ambitious.They are leaders too, but their interest over their hobbies decline with time.

Angled Eyebrows
Angled Eyebrows

People with downward sloping eyebrows are responsible and caring. They become happy in the group and are more attached to relationships.

It is considered to be a negative sign if the eyebrows’ head touches together. They are easily irritated and offended. They also find it harder to forgive others. People with those sorts of eyebrows are advised to pluck the middle hairs, according to the Chinese tradition. Unibrows also mean that they are restless and can suffer from insomnia.


The chip of eyebrow indicates that the person’s sibling has a health problem. If the chip is on the right, then the sister is suffering, and if the chip is on the left, then the brother is suffering.

Mole or green veins on eyebrow indicate lung problems. Both means there is a problem with the liver too.

If the eyebrow keeps growing with age, especially over the age of 40, then the life expectancy is longer.

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