What Spirit Are You ? Fire, Earth, Air or Water ?

We all have some element of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within us. To discover whether you are a Fire, Earth, Air or Water spirit, here are some outline of their energetic imprints. Find out how the traits of fire , water , earth and air combine to make up our personalities.

If you are a Fire Spirit…

  • You will feel a calling to deliver an important message to the world 
  • You have to feel passionate about things in order to pursue them 
  • You will feel a burning desire to create, inspire or lead others 
  • You are not afraid to tell it like it is and communicate your truth
  • You are often very independent and always paving a new way

If you are an Earth Spirit…

  • You will feel a calling to heal and care for others, especially through using nature
  • You have no problem holding space for other people or taking on responsibilities
  • You have a strong ambition to heal and save the planet or make the world a better place in some way
  • You are private when it comes to your emotions and only share what is necessary 
  • You tend to feel comforted and at peace when in nature

If you are an Air Spirit…

  • You will feel a calling to deliver a message into the world through teaching or creative self-expression
  • You have a strong imagination and foresight to think about the bigger picture
  • You desire to stand up for humanity, your beliefs and the beliefs of others
  • You are always striving to keep the peace and resolve conflicts 
  • Surrounding yourself with friends and family is important to you 

If you are a Water Spirit…

  • You feel a calling to bring art, love, music and joy into the world 
  • You are highly intuitive and tend to lead with your emotions 
  • You feel a desire to bring healing into the world through creative self-expression 
  • You have the power to help yourself and others heal emotionally 
  • You are sensitive to energies around you and often need alone time 
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Fire Spirits

Fire spirits are here to deliver a message to the world through leading, creating and inspiring others. At some point in their lives they will often feel the call to awaken by having a fire lit in their belly. This fire will burn passionately and strongly, and will encourage the fire person to go after their greatest dreams and wishes. They need not do anything special in order to tap or tune into their internal flame. Through simply being true to themselves, the fire spirit can deliver its message to the world.

When out of balance, the fire spirit can become too aggressive or pushy in their ways. They can also be prone to lashing out or feeling frustrated when someone or something gets in the way of their vision. By being sensitive to others, and focusing on the bigger picture goal, a fire spirit can learn to calm and raise in consciousness. 

When a fire spirit is not using their flame energy, they can be prone to over-thinking, anxiety, insomnia and feeling blocked in their lives. It is therefore, important for a fire spirit to own this energy and use it in a productive way.

Earth Spirits

Earth spirits are here to heal themselves and others through nature. As natural healers, they are often drawn to using plant based medicines. They are also highly in-tune with Mother Earth and strive to make the world a better place in some way. 

It is the desire to heal that often helps the Earth spirit to awaken, and through this desire they develop an ambition and drive to create powerful change. Earth spirits are very driven and don’t mind taking on responsibilities if they serve a higher purpose. They also have the ability to hold space for others and are powerful people to lean upon. 

When out of balance, an Earth spirit can become cold, emotionally stressed or feel over-burdened. This causes the Earth spirit to withdraw or lose sight of their bigger picture goals. Earth spirits are always recharged through spending time in nature. 

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Air Spirits

Air spirits are here to bring vision and innovation into the world. They are natural teachers and speakers, and often have the talent to bring their ideas into the material world. They are strong visionaries and are often revolutionary in their ideas and beliefs. Air spirits are really here to bring lasting change into the world and often complete this over many lifetimes. 

Air spirits are also the keepers of peace, and are naturally gifted and talented at resolving conflicts and bringing harmony to all involved. When out of balance however, Air spirits can fear conflict and shy away from being able to deal with it. They can also lose touch with people and the realities of life, or lack groundedness or stability.

Air spirits are often awakened by the desire to stand up for their beliefs, ideas and creations. It is often through having a prophetic dream or vision that they start to really tune in to who they are. 

Water Spirits

Water spirits are here to heal the world through bringing more art, joy and music into it. Water spirits are often very creative and intuitive, and love to explore all areas of art and creativity. They are also very sensitive to the environment around them and can pick up on the energy of others, even if they are not aware of it. 

A Water spirit awakens when they realise that through just being who they are, and allowing their creative juices to flow they can achieve all that they desire. When Water spirits struggle to own who they are, and try to conform, that is when they feel off balance and out of sorts. 

Water spirits carry the gift of being able to understand and tune into the emotional vibrations of their soul and the souls of those around them. They are also very sensitive to the energies of the Universe and are often natural intuitives. 

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When out of balance, a Water spirit can feel overwhelmed, overly sensitive, depressed and anxious. Because they lead with their emotions, it is important for Water spirits to deal and process their emotional state first. 

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