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  • How to cure burns with Ayurveda used in Ancient India

    People normally disregard the impact of medicines used in ancient India. If one studies it in detail, then one will understand that it is highly advanced, even more, advanced that what the western world was using during the time. In some cases, those medicines are even more advanced than today’s medicine. The proof can be […]

  • Green Tea – The hidden gem for your health

    Tea – for some the mornings doesn’t begin without a hot cup of tea for others the afternoon is rightfully named- The high tea. (The coffee lover loose a notch here). While coffee might be the new rage the history of tea goes way back to China during the reign of Emperor Shennong. Green tea […]

  • drink ample amount of water

    7 Mistakes That Are taking A Toll On Your Health

    Well, you think you’re healthy! Taken together, you don’t smoke, occasionally drink, aren’t really overweight, and you are definitely not a fast food fan, implying there’s a high chance that you are practically healthy. But there’s a catch. Even the healthiest of people make these mistakes every day and this has a major impact on […]

  • 10 Surprising facts about food that only few people knew

    These surprising facts about food will give you a new perspective about food and will change the way you think about them. 1. Tomato Ketchup was used as a medicine to treat diarrhea in the 1800’s. Ohio-based physician, John Cook Bennet stated a fact that Tomatoes were used to treat diarrhea, violent bilious attacks, and indigestion […]

  • 4 Daily Things That Are Really Changing Your Brain

    We never realize that even the little things that we do each day can become an inherent part of our lives.  We don’t realize how much of an impact they can cause on our self-being. It’s not necessary that they are hampering our health but chances are that they might. For instance, a cup of […]

  • ayurveda herbs for weight loss

    No time for workout? Here are 5 Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

    “Old is Gold” holds true when it comes to curing a certain health problem. Due to our busy lifestyle, we are entering into an obesity zone. Also, our days loaded with too much work do not provide us enough time to exercise. Therefore, nothing better Ayurveda can be a natural option for shedding that extra […]

  • Depression Can Be Healed Naturally – Yes, You Heard It Right!

    With over 121 million people affected worldwide, depression is considered to be one of the most crucial psychological complications for people of different age groups. Depression has the ability to lead people to suicidal tendencies, which is the only reason for over 850,000 deaths each year. Till date, there could not have been any no […]

  • Amazing Health Benefits of Guava Leaves You May Not Know

    In most tropical countries, guava leaves are used for traditional medicines since it contains a number of useful substances, which includes antioxidants (like Vitamin C) and flavonoids (like quercetin). Mostly, guava leaves are soaked in hot water to serve it as a tea. This has several health benefits like treating diarrhea, lowering cholesterol and preventing […]

  • Surprising Health Benefits of the Banana Flower

    Everyone knows that bananas are good for us. But do you know that banana flowers have health benefits too? Banana flowers are the beginning stage of the banana, and are also known as “banana blossoms”. Banana flowers are common in South-East Asia. They are a purple-ish flower, that has tear shaped and hangs at the […]

  • Fasting Helps In Living A Longer & Healthier Life

    Fasting Helps You Live Longer & Healthier Life

    Fasting or restricting eating and drinking for varying periods of time has been a practice for generations in many regions of the world. The practice has its roots in religion, but the health benefits reach beyond any spiritual origins. In recent years, however, the practice has gained popularity among those looking to lose a few […]

  • Health Benefits of Neem plant you probably didn’t know

    For many of us Asians, being ridiculed by Western textbooks and scientists us for our beliefs and traditions has now come to an end. With the latest researchers, they have found the importance of plants and herbs and have even resorted to patenting them. One of such important plants is NEEM. Neem leaves have an important […]

  • Five ways to lose weight without much effort

    Enough of hearing the dreaded words ‘dieting’ and ‘workouts’! We got you some simple hacks that will make you lose weight without much of efforts. Just incorporate these simple tips and tricks in your everyday schedule and you are sure to lay off those extra pounds. 1. Do Not Sit For Long Well, this does […]