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  • Enhancing health and quality of life with Ayurveda

    From the Ayurvedic teachings, it can be found that our life or our meaning in existence is not that rigid, but rather instead, there is a harmonious flow in it. If we consider the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, ether, and fire – that comprise the entire universe is not rigid as […]

  • How to make Ayurveda an important source for good health

    Many of us make a common mistake of comparing Ayurveda with modern medicine and during the debate, limit our understanding of Ayurveda. For one, it is not only about offering a cure, so there is no need to compare it to an allopathic medicine only. And, on the other side, it is nothing about an […]

  • sleeping more than nine hours

    If you sleep more than nine hours, you’re at a higher risk of dying young

    Ah! The weekend is here. Finally, I can sleep as much as I want! The coziness of our blanket with a soft pillow beneath our head is something we crave the whole day. Snuggling into it after a tiresome schedule seems a heavenly bliss. But, the research conducted by The University of Sydney says that […]

  • Amazing Health Benefits of These Metals You Probably Don’t Know

    Healing with metals is an ancient Ayurveda therapy to cure ailments and provide various health benefits. Copper vessels are used to store and drink water, gold and silver utensils are used to eat food, also sweetmeat is packed in silver foil. Substances like metals, stones etc are said to contain a lot of energy which […]

  • things that take place after we Sleep

    Get to know about a few baffling things that take place after we Sleep

    Everbody loves sleeping to an extent that if given a boon most of us would ask for a peaceful sleep! But as we are in the world of our dreams some mysterious things happen inside and outside our body. Some of these happenings have even rendered science speechless. We bet that if not all but […]

  • Your hands have the power to heal, says Hinduism and Buddhism

    You can create different posture from your hands. They are called ‘mudras’. It is said that mudras can influence the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your body. It’s a very common practice in the East, and they are used by spiritual leaders in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In the modern era, yogis and other […]

  • famous yoga retreats in India

    Famous Yoga Retreats in India to balance your mind, body and soul

    India is the country where Yoga was born and now it has spread its wings to different regions in the world. For sure, the country India strikes your mind when you think about meditation and spirituality. Yoga is the way of achieving the union of spirit and universe. Far from the hubbub of cities are […]

  • These tips will help you get rid of a headache without using pills

    Ever been in a situation when your head is throbbing while you are working or studying, but you have no pills to take care of? Worry not now, there’s acupressure to help you get rid of a headache in a scientific way. Acupressure is a type of massage that combines acupuncture and reflex therapy and […]

  • Green Tea – The hidden gem for your health

    Tea – for some the mornings doesn’t begin without a hot cup of tea for others the afternoon is rightfully named- The high tea. (The coffee lover loose a notch here). While coffee might be the new rage the history of tea goes way back to China during the reign of Emperor Shennong. Green tea […]

  • drink ample amount of water

    7 Mistakes That Are taking A Toll On Your Health

    Well, you think you’re healthy! Taken together, you don’t smoke, occasionally drink, aren’t really overweight, and you are definitely not a fast food fan, implying there’s a high chance that you are practically healthy. But there’s a catch. Even the healthiest of people make these mistakes every day and this has a major impact on […]

  • 10 Surprising facts about food that only few people knew

    These surprising facts about food will give you a new perspective about food and will change the way you think about them. 1. Tomato Ketchup was used as a medicine to treat diarrhea in the 1800’s. Ohio-based physician, John Cook Bennet stated a fact that Tomatoes were used to treat diarrhea, violent bilious attacks, and indigestion […]

  • 4 Daily Things That Are Really Changing Your Brain

    We never realize that even the little things that we do each day can become an inherent part of our lives.  We don’t realize how much of an impact they can cause on our self-being. It’s not necessary that they are hampering our health but chances are that they might. For instance, a cup of […]