10 Free Android Apps For Web Developers

If you are an regular Android user and a web developer then it is vital for you to utilize your time while you are away from PC. There are many Android applications available in Google Play which allows you to fix or debug any error, code testing and managing your files of your websites. Here today I have Compiled this article with 10 useful android apps for web developers.

10 Free Android Apps For Web Developer

1. HTML Editor

HTML Editor is a simple app that allows you to edit your HTML, Asp, JavaScript and CSS files. HTML Editor can be quite handy for developers though it doesn’t highlight errors and shows the images in preview.

2. AndFTP

AndFTP provides you a mobile access of your servers through mobiles and it is a FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPS client for Android devices. It manages several FTP servers and comes with both a device file browser and a FTP file browser. It provides download, upload features with resume support and folder synchronization.

3. View Web Source

View Web Source
View Web Source enables you to view the source of any website. It also allows users to select text, search for text and copy and paste the HTML code.

4 Magic Color Picker

Magic color picker is most essential and vital tools for developers, programmer and designers which assists them to select colors using different color models, it supports 7 different models and RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models, and colors are shown in decimal and HEX.

5. HTML Test

HTML Test one of the exceptional app for Android which enables users to test their HTML skills and lets them teach about HTML. It is must have app for web developers, tech enthusiasts and those with a general interest in HTML, it will ask you several questions regarding HTML and will try make your coding knowledge strong.

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6. DevCheats

DevCheats application allows developers to access the cheatsheets for php, python, ruby on rails, jquery, css, seo, apache, regular expressions, svn, bash, c++, drupal, gcc, gdb, html5, javascript and many more.

7. W3C CheatSheet

W3C CheatSheet
The w3C CheatSheet provides a quick access to useful information from specifications published by W3C (including HTML5, CSS, SVG, XPath).

8. jQuery References

jQuery References
jQuery References Pro will provide you complete reference of all jQuery objects and methods along with examples.

9. Android Web Editor Lite

Android Web Editor
Android Web Editor Lite is unique mobile software for web developing that allows you to create your own html, Php, JavaScript, and other pages or edit already existing pages. It will show you preview of your edited pages in browser via app’s web server or in built in quick view unit. It also allows you to manage upload or download files through the FTP as well as managing your local files and folders.

10. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere lets you code anywhere; you just need to install it on your Android. It provides myriad of features such as FTP Client, Php Editor, HTML Editor, CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor, XML Editor, Browse, upload and download from your S/FTP servers, and many more

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