10 Mind-blowing Facts about Eyebrows that you need to know

1. Your eyebrows give you a structure to your face and thus is a crucial part of the facial recognition. One study conducted MIT shows how people had difficulty in identifying faces of people when the eyebrows of subjects were removed. Thus, the conclusion was that brows are more important for the face as a whole than just the eye.

2. Since Renaissance era, eyebrow grooming has been the thing. Before that, people shaved off their eyebrows. Back to the times of Cleopatra, facial grooming had just started

3. There can be as much as 1100-500 hairs in the eyebrows for those people who pluck 250 hairs per brow.

4. Apart from giving structure to your face, eyebrows also have other function of preventing sweat, dead skin, and flying objects that can run down from your forehead to your eyes.

5. Eyebrows grow twice as slow as the hair on our heads, and it takes approximately four months to completely replace itself.

6. There was a time when men with unibrows were said to be in parallel with criminals.

7. Eyebrows can determine personalities too. People with curved eyebrows are people-oriented and can only understand problems through real-world examples. People with straight eyebrows are direct, logical, detail-oriented and analytical. People with angled eyebrows are someone who likes to be right and in control of the situation.

8. Once in Colonial America, eyebrow boosted with ‘grey mouse’ hairs was in fashion and desirable among many.

9. Since eyebrows grow haphazardly in many different directions, it becomes hard to maintain them while plucking and shaping. For instance, in the area of the nose, the hair is pointed upward while on top is pointed outward and downward, and the lower part grows outward and upward.

10. Eyebrows are naturally shaped according to facial shape as shown below:

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Eyebrows Shapes

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