10 Surprising Foods To Help You Fight Stomach Trouble And Stay Regular

Stomach problems are something that we don’t always talk about. Digestive issues and staying “regular” are topics that are sometimes thought of as taboo. Just like there are foods that will boost your mood and energy, there are foods that will help your stomach problems disappear.

Here are 10 surprising lists of foods below to see how you can help your stomach troubles. Which of these foods will you be adding to your diet?

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We don’t always pay attention to just how complex our digestive system really is. There are many different points where our food can cause our bodies pain or discomfort.

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From the moment our food enters our mouths, to the moment it leaves us, our bodies are working hard to break things down and get us the nutrients we need.

Scroll through to see which surprising foods can aid your body with this process, and help you live a life free of stomach discomfort!

1. Brown Rice

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Because of the fiber in brown rice, it is widely considered a “must-eat” food for those looking to improve their overall digestive health. According to Livestrong.com, “By increasing the amount of brown rice you ingest every day, you can improve your overall health and make your digestive system work more efficiently… Brown rice also helps remove any present toxins from the digestive system faster.”

This food can also “reduce problems with hemorrhoids and constipation significantly.”

2. Kiwi

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While many high-fiber fruits can be good for you, some of them contain a lot of sugar than can actually cause gas. Kiwi, however, is a great, healthy option that won’t leave you feeling bad.

Health.com suggests “high-fiber, lower-sugar fruits that don’t bring on the bloated tummy, like kiwi. One cup of kiwi offers five grams of fiber, plus you’ll get other good-for-you nutrients, like more than double your daily vitamin C quota.”

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3. Spinach

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Spinach is a delicious leafy green that can be beneficial to your digestive health. According to the SFGate, “Spinach leaves add bulk to your stool, making it easier for waste to pass through the digestive tract. By helping to normalize bowel movements, spinach also helps to keep the bowels healthy, preventing complications like hemorrhoids or diverticulitis.”

4. Yogurt

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Yogurt is a tasty snack that is also great for digestion. Health.com writes, “You have trillions of bacteria in your gut that help you digest food, and yogurt contains some types of these healthy bacteria.” Gastroenterologist Dr. Tim McCashland tells Health.com, “Yogurt has bacteria, which replenishes the normal flora within the gastrointestinal tract so it’s healthy.”

5. Sauerkraut

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Sauerkraut might sound surprising to you, but it actually is a food that can help your stomach feel better. EverydayHealth.com writes, “You may just think of sauerkraut as something to pile on a hot dog, but this popular condiment is actually good for your gut. That’s because sauerkraut, buttermilk, sourdough, and other fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that make them easier to digest.”

6. Prunes

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There are actually quite a few health benefits that come along with eating prunes, including improved digestion. According to Healthline, prunes are “high in fiber and can help you regulate your bowels and your bladder… Prune juice acts as laxative thanks to its high sorbitol content, so ask your doctor if it’s right for you.”

7. Popcorn

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Another surprising snack that is good for digestive health is popcorn. According to Health.com, “For a savory afternoon snack, skip potato chips and have plain popcorn instead, recommends Gina Sam, M.D. … It’s an easy way to add more fiber into your day  three cups of air-popped contains three grams for just 93 calories.”

8. Beans

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Beans are notorious for helping to keep you regular. But they also get a bad rap for causing gas, which may not actually be the case. EverydayHealth.com writes, “Beans are a perfect high fiber, low fat food… Good news for those worried about flatulence from high fiber foods: Research published in the Nutrition Journal showed that people had less gas than they thought they would when upping bean consumption.”  They call eating lots of beans “a digestive tip you can live with.”

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9. Salmon

Salmon has many health benefits, particularly because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. But it also is great for digestive health. Mind Body Green writes, “Wild Alaskan salmon is a delicious and healthy anti-inflammatory food, and, unlike Atlantic salmon and other farm-raised varieties, wild Alaskan salmon aren’t fed genetically modified food.”

10. Zucchini

Zucchini is a tasty vegetable that can do wonders for your digestive tract, aiding with unwanted stomach problems.Mind Body Green writes that zucchini, “encourages healthy digestion and detoxifies the body. Due to its high fiber content, zucchini has a cleansing effect on our digestive tract, especially the intestines. It acts as a mild laxative, cleaning the walls of the intestines and preventing carcinogenic toxins from settling in the colon.”

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