10 Unsolved mysteries of India that you won’t believe

We are in the modern times now. We have left most of the superstitions behind and used science to analyze and accept things. Logic has prevailed the mere superstitions, and we don’t accept things just because we have to accept it. But there are mysteries that have left people baffled to find the reasons behind. Here are 10 unsolved mysteries of India:

1. The Curse of Kuldhara


Just 15km away from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is said to be cursed. It was an area that was habited around 1291 and had flourished quite well with more than 84 villages occupying it. But all of the people fled the area in a single night as they were said to have been threatened by an evil spirit. Everyone who has tried to take over the land ever since has died brutal deaths.

2. The Suspicious Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri


Many people and reports documented claim that Lal Bahadur Shastri, the famous politician died because of cardiac arrests. He had already had three cardiac arrests before, according to his doctor, and the fourth one took a toll on his life. His wife says otherwise. He says that he never had a heart problem, and when he died, according to his wife, he had many blue marks across his body, which indicates that he was poisoned. He died after signing the Tashkent declaration, which makes his death even more mysterious.

3. The Unknown Decline of Indus Valley

Indus Valley is said to be one of the most advanced civilizations during its era, and the advancement was such that the innovations and inventions in those eras are far more advanced that most of the developing areas of the world. However, no one really knows how this civilization declined. Some claim that it could have been declined, while others claimed that it became a victim of Aryan invasion. But they are speculations that have remained invalidated.

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4. The Mystery of Subhash Chandra Bose’s doppelganger


Sources claim that Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash in 1945 when he left for Taiwan. This story was not followed by newspaper, and it could not be the real story either. What’s more intriguing is that there lived an Indian man in Faizad, Ayodhya who claimed to be Bose and knew very intricate details about Bose’s family and relevant things but he died in 1985.

5. The Ghost Soldier of Sikkim


In the eastern Sikkim, there used to exist an Indian soldier by the name of Baba Harbhajan Singh who died near the Nathu La pass. He is known as the “Hero of Nathula”, and it is said that when soldiers chant his name near the Nathula pass, he arises to save the army personnel from the high altitude of this region. There have been many instances recorded of these incidents and thus has become a common folklore among the Indian soldiers serving in these regions. They have even built a shrine in his name.

6. Is it Taj Mahal or Tejomahalaya?


In a book, author P.K. Oak writes about how then Moghul Emperor Shahjahan took Tejomahalaya by force from the king of Jaipur and then renamed it into Taj Mahal. He shows some statistics and facts to prove his claim. Taj Mahal is associated with the death of the architects and workers who had made the monument, and this story is yet to be proven. All that is known is that the story spread across by the word of mouth.

7. The Himalayan Yeti


The world has been divided into two types of people: those who believe that Yetis exist and those who don’t. However, there are many believable evidence that Yeti exist in the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Bhutan. This has influenced how Yetis are perceived in the region: some claim that it has helped people and saved lives, while some claims that it is a ferocious living being. The stories are open to interpretation and is still a mystery. The hunt for Yeti is still on for many people.

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8. The Surviving Power of Prahlad Jani


Prahlad Jani is a renowned devotee of Amba, an Indian deity. It is claimed that he lived for 70 years without any food. Since he was in the modern era, he was kept in an observation for 15 days to analyze his body. To everyone’s surprise, he survived for 15 days without any food and water and showed no signs of starvation. Scientists haven’t yet been able to prove his superpower.

9. The Illuminati of Emperor Ashoka


Many claims that Emperor Ashoka had a group of nine elite men who preserved information that could be harmful to the society and the human race. They had immense knowledge their own subject and it is said that they hid the knowledge in a book. But nobody really knows where these books are hidden. Some say that these books have been passed on, but to whom and where still remains a mystery.

10. The Mysterious Sonic Boom of Jodhpur


The sonic boom occurs when something breaks at the speed of sound. The sonic boom is the reason that airplanes do not go at high speed near to residential areas. On December 18, 2012, a sonic boom clanged the entire city of Jodhpur. However, nobody knows the source of it as the national army denied performing any activity, and others denied for any air-force event as well.

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