These celebrities were not born Hindu, but they follow Hinduism

This content contains information about some renowned famous people who converted themselves Hindu. A few celebrated performing actors, musicians, writers and athletes rehearse Hinduism. These famous people were not naturally introduced to Hindu families but rather changed over further down the road. One well-known artist asserted that giving the center finger was a religious demonstration in tribute to a Hindu goddess.

Julia Roberts


In 2010, Hollywood superstar actor Julia Roberts uncovered that she had changed over to Hinduism while making lighthearted comedy dramatization film Eat Pray Love. “I’m unquestionably a honing Hindu. Golly, I’ve been so ruined with my loved ones in this life. Next time I need to be simply something tranquil and supporting,” she said.

George Harrison


In spite of the fact that he is no more with us, Beatles guitarist George Harrison is still justified regardless of a notice. The symbol, who stays a standout amongst the most acclaimed superstar believers to Hinduism to date, is said to have embraced the confidence amid an otherworldly mission in the mid 1960s. Reviewing his excursion he would later say: “Everything else can hold up, yet the quest for God can’t.” Following his demise in 2001, his ashes were scattered in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in India.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Despite the fact that it is not known precisely when he changed over, comic Russell Brand practices Hinduism and is a vocal backer of Transcendental Meditation. In 2010, he wedded pop genius Katy Perry in a Hindu service under overwhelming security in the heart of India’s driving tiger park. A Hindu priest even directed the service, which was gone to by family and dear companions.



M.I.A., born Mathangi Arulpragasam, attended Hindu and Catholic convent schools when she was growing up in Sri Lanka. She claimed that her infamous Super Bowl middle finger was a tribute to the Hindu Goddess Matangi, whose symbol is the middle finger.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia honed Hinduism all through quite a bit of his grown-up life. After he passed on in 1995, his ashes were spread into the Ganges River at the sacred city of Rishikesh, India.

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John Coltrane


John Coltrane was brought up in a Christian family household, yet he explored a wide range of religions, including Hinduism and Zen Buddhism. He was said to have been counseling a Hindu thoughtful medicator close to the end of his life to help him treat his liver tumor.



KRS-One is a spiritual man who wrote the book The Gospel of Hip Hop.  He believes that organized religion isn’t necessary to have a close  relationship with God, but his name is a reference to the Hindu god  Krishna.

Ravi Coltrane


Like his father, John Coltrane, and his namesake, Ravi Shankar, Ravi Coltrane is a Hindu.

Elizabeth Gilbert


Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert was raised on a Christmas tree farm in Litchfield, Connecticut, but she converted to Hinduism when she went on the journey that inspired her to write her best-selling book.

Ricky Williams

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams checks play September 7, 2003 at Pro Player Stadium, Miami, Florida. The Houston Texans defeated the Dolphins 21 - 20 to open the NFL football season. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

NFL player Ricky Williams is a practicing Hindu. Although he was raised Baptist, the 38-year-old sportsman uses Hindu-based pranic healing to recover from injuries. He has also learned Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu system of medicine from India.

“Religions are something that were developed based on culture,” Williams previously said. “The religions are many, but God is one. I believe based on what I’ve studied, all religions say the same thing but in different ways.”

J. D. Salinger


Jerome David Salinger (1919-2010), American novelist and short story writer, best known as the author of The Catcher in the Ryewas regarded by many as a Hindu. Although he was an experimenter in spirituality, he had deep respect for Hinduism and yoga, and also well versed in the Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

His “Religion/Belief” as “Hinduism/Eclectic” noting that “Hinduism seems to have been especially important in his life.”

Christopher Isherwood

A headshot portrait of British born novelist and essayist Christopher Isherwood (1904- 1986), circa 1945. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Christopher Isherwood is one of the most acclaimed authors in American history. His novel The Berlin Stories was included in TIME Magazine’s “All-Time 100 Best Novels List” of the world’s best novels written since 1923.

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Isherwood: A Life Revealed, written by Peter Parker (Random House: New York, 2004) features extensive details about Isherwood’s conversion to Hinduism and his experience with Swami Prabhavananda and the Vendanta Society.

John McLaughlin


McLaughlin’s follow the Indian spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy, to whom he had been introduced in 1970 by Larry Coryell’s manager. The album “My Goal’s Beyond “[1971 album] was dedicated to Chinmoy, with one of the guru’s poems printed on the liner notes. It was on this album that McLaughlin took the name “Mahavishnu.” In 1973, McLaughlin collaborated with Carlos Santana, also a disciple of Sri Chinmoy.

Kelli Williams


Kelli got married to writer, Ajay Sahgal, in 1996 then started following Hinduism. She gave birth to their son a week after they wrapped season 2 of The Practice. Kiran Ram (Kiran is the Hindu word for “ray of light”) was born in May 1998. Kelli likes simple things. Her favorite Hindu god Ganesh, “the remover of obstacles”.

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall

Keeping in mind to balance his life with the messages in his music, Trevor moved into a traditional Hindu ashram in Southern California in 2008. At the point when not on tour, he lived as a monk and dedicated his days to spiritual practice and service. His involvement with the temple influenced his music and his music rapidly turned into his practice.

Alice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane

Jazz harpist, pianist, organist, composer, arranger, Alice Coltrane, was heavily influenced by Hinduism.  Her music reflects not only the influence of her former husband, jazz great John Coltrane, but also her fascination with this Indian religion.

Listen carefully to her music and you will almost always hear the kanjari or tambourine and bells in the background.  These instruments are used at a Hindu puja.  As you listen to Coltrane’s music you feel like you are at a puja with saxophones added.

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J Mascis


J has studied with Hindu religious leader Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī (aka Amma) since 1995 and has recently played at her 60th birthday in India. “Unfortunately I don’t meditate as much as I should anymore,” he admits. “Since I had a kid it has become harder to get together with Amma. But I still consider myself a pretty spiritual person. I mean, you do that for yourself ultimately. I guess sometimes even music can be meditative but I don’t think about it too much.”

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