Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World You Simply Cannot afford to miss

The Universal language that people all over the World love and speak-The love for food. Whilst the meat-lovers swear by the variety of food they savor, We give you the ultimate list For the Vegetarians And Vegans alike to boast out loud to the non-vegetarian counterparts. Here the the best of the Vegetarian Food the World has to offer, From India to Croatia, from Philipines to Romania, at the click of your button. Bon Appetit !

Warning: Do Not watch this on an empty stomach


Let’s eat! (Or, in Tagalog/Filipino, kainan na!)

Adobong kangkong
Traditional Philippine adobo is cooked with meat (usually chicken or pork), and as a supposed “national dish” of the Philippines, many people can’t imagine eating adobo without any meat in it. But there is one very common way of eating adobo that doesn’t involve meat: adobong kangkong.
Adobong kangkong is simply kangkong (water spinach) cooked in adobo style—kangkong sautéed in cooking oil, onions, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce, with an optional bouillon cube for flavor. Be careful not to eat too much though: legend has it that those who eat too much kangkong will become weak and soft, like the vegetable that grows afloat in open water.

Ginisang monggogjins

In Filipino cuisine, mung beans have a wide variety of uses. Among others, they eat them as filling for hopia and as a bean sprout (togue) salad. But the most famous way to eat mung beans in Filipino cuisine is found in the earthy taste of mung bean soup, or ginisang monggo.Ginisang monggo is traditionally eaten during Lent, when most Filipinos abstain from meat. Normally it is served on its own, but it is also frequently mixed in with the leaves of ampalaya or malunggay, tomato and, if you want to (but absolutely don’t need to), seafood or meat.


“sa mancam”

Mămăligă (coarse polenta)

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Made of boiled corn maize, and topped with sour cream and white cheese. It has a pretty bland taste, but for some reason it’s quite awesome.

Salată de vinete (eggplant spread)

One of the most heavenly spreads that ever existed. The eggplants are grilled, then chopped and mixed with some oil and spices, and then you have the whole family fighting over the last scoop. Chopped onions in the mix and tomatoes on the side are mandatory.



shojin ryori (精進料理 or Buddhist cuisine)

It is often served in Buddhist temples, where meat eating is prohibited. The meal consists entirely of vegetables, beans, and grains. While food served in a bunch of small portions like this is fairly common in traditional Japanese eatery, shojin ryori itself isn’t commonly served in regular Japanese restaurants.


This can be quite good, being a hot pot dish with tofu pieces simmered in plain kelp based dashi soup it’s some
thing to be enjoyed in the cold winter times. Some places offer ‘set menus’ where the yudofu is accompanied by other tofu prepared differently and forms.


“चलो खाते हैं chalo khaate hain”


It is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households. Idli is a savoury cake that is popular throughout India.
Sambar (dish) is a lentil-based vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind popular in South Indian.


A triangular traditionally fried or sometimes baked small turnover of Indian origin filled with essentially potatoes or vegetables, lentils & peas; served hot with chutneys. A must-have Monsoon snack.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a flavorful snack originated in Mumbai. Bhaji is a spicy preparation with a mixture of vegetables, served with crispy butter fried Pav.


Jalebi is a delightful goldish color sweet dish is a crisp spiral shaped, made of a batter of plain flour and water. It is afterwards soaked in sugar syrup. Eat it with milk, curd, rabri or by itself, Jalebi is a hot favorite on any and every special occasion.

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Kulfi Faluda

If you have a sweet tooth you can’t resist Indian ice cream during summers. It is a toothsome cold dessert served with a topping of falooda (vermicelli noodles) and rose syrup.


A snack/breakfast food from Gujrat, made of fermented rice and chickpea batter. Although find it most parts of India, but best to have in Gujarat.


Bhajis are basically Indian fritters made with gram flour and the fillings used in vary from Potatoes, Onions to Spinach, Chillies & Paneer. Best accompanied with classic Masala Chai.

Appam and Vegetable Stew

Veg stew for appam recipe...
Vegetable stew consists of a mix of vegetables cooked in creamy coconut milk based gravy. It is mild enough to suit most delicate of stomachs.

The Kerala Sadhya

onam closeup final-001
Sadhya is a scrumptious meal served during marriages,festivals and birthdays. It consists of a variety of vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. The no of items can be as many as 60, but is usually 15 to 20. It is a smorgasbord of flavors including delicate, spicy,sweet, sour ,savory and bitter

Appam is a type of pancake made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is thick at the center and crisp at the sides.


Aaunus Khaam”

Veg Momos

Momos are small dumplings, a traditional delicacy of Tibet and Nepal.They are filled with well-minced vegetables (noramlly meat) and is served with garlic or chilli chutneys.

Sel roti with aalo ko acchar

It is made mainly of Rice flour, water, sugar, cooking oil and ghee.People sometime prefer banana and coconut mixed on it.maxresdefault

This is served with potato chutney with sesame seeds and other spices that go perfectly with the sel.


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