Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World You Simply Cannot afford to miss

Singapore- Malaysia

“Selamat menjamu selera!”

Curry puffs (karipap)

These puffy dough are deep fried with spicy fillings; ranging from sweet potatoes and yukon potatoes. Its a savoury mouth watering treat liked by many.


Twist of Asian spaghetti, the Malay version. It it served with peanut sauce instead, heapfuls of fried tofu, sliced cucumbers and fresh bean sprouts.

Apam balik

This sweet pancake is filled with grounded peanuts, sweets corns and palm sugar. Normally comsumed for breakfast.

Kaya toast

Kaya toast is prepared with kaya(coconut jam), a topping of sugar, coconut milk, pandan, and sometimes margarine or butter. It is generally served on toast, and also sometimes on crackers.


This is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowedbamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo.

Bihun (glass vermicelli noodles)

Bihun goreng (stir-fried rice vermicelli) with sweet soy sauce and fried tofu. Sometimes it comes with sambal kicap (pounded bird’s eye chilli mixed with dark soy sauce) as a condiment.

Popiah(spring rolls)

Best eaten as evening snack. This tasty rolls are often filled with spicy peanut sauce, finely turnip, jicama, bean sprouts, French beans, lettuce leaves, grated carrots, thinly sliced fried tofu, chopped peanuts and freshly grated cucumbers.

Salvador da Bahia,northeast of Brazil

“vamos comer”


It’s a black-eyed peas paste/dough fried in dende oil, then split in half and topped with a tomato vinaigrette.

Bolinho de estudante

It is a fried snack made with cassava starch, shredded coconut, sugar and cinnamon.

Beiju or tapioca

It is a kind of ‘crepe’ made with cassava starch and that can be sweet or savory. The most common toppings are shredded coconut, butter or cheese.



Trofie al pesto alla genovese

This pesto may be tossed with spaghetti, maccheroni, linguine, or the classic Ligurian pastas, trofie or trenette. 

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