Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World You Simply Cannot afford to miss


“Hadi yiyelim”

They use plants with big leaves like black cabbage, grape leaves ( most common), white cabbage, chard , even beans cherries etc for inner materials: main ones are rice, onions, olive oil and salt.People also add these according to their own taste : Pine nuts, currants, parsley, dill weed, mint, black pepper, cinnamon, granulated sugar.


"آؤ کھائیں"

Sheer Maalsheermal
Sheermal is a saffron-flavored traditional flatbread made in Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India.Sheermal, a milk-based bread that tellingly has the word “sheer” or milk in its name.With a crusty shell glazed with butter and sequined with sesame, Sheermal has milky moist, subtly sweet interior.



Pierogi ruskiemain-qimg-d7141c158e2f937d2729ea12b0fb80dd
They are dumplings stuffed with mashed potatoes mixed with farmer’s cheese and fried onions.The fillings may by different, though, including, (among other things) meat, mushrooms, but also fruits.


“lass uns Essen”

Semmelknödel mit Pfifferlingrahmsoßemain-qimg-3fe9d2ccc02b7d7d6f0f908b7ef01c79
(Bread dumplings with chanterelle mushroom cream sauce)This is a dish which you see all over Germany but especially in the south (and Austria). Champignons (the standard white mushrooms) are also often used instead of chanterelles. Well made dumplings should be quite light and they are perfect for soaking up the creamy sauce.

United Arab Emirates


Baba Ghanoushba
Basically mushy eggplant that will rock your world. This dish has a sexier nickname in Arabic, often called Coy Daddy or Pampered Papa. The dish features all the comforting elements of eggplant, with splashes of lemon, onion and Middle Eastern spices. Scoop it up with warm bread.


“بیا بخوریم”

Kashk e Budemjunmain-qimg-78ad22a4ce35e7979ea8228f0aa36b77
Bademjan is eggplant in Farsi, and kashk is a yogurt product that traditionally is made through a long process from very firm strained yogurt. The final product is either formed into balls, or pressed through a large holed sieve into strips, and dried.


“Mari makan”

it’s basically a warm salad with peanut sauce. The only thing not vegetarian in this dish is a boiled egg (which can be omitted). Gado-gado is usually eaten by itself, or with rice/rice cake (locally known as lontong).

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“Ràng wǒmen chī”

Egg Tomato SoupTomato Egg drop soup V2
You can find this dish pretty much everywhere in China.

Gong De Linmain-qimg-365bee29777aa42fac0a6e54cf4df358
This meat looking dish above is made of winter melon and soy beans. And there are countless more dishes where it plays tricks on your senses, most of them will really make you question your eyes, whether its vegetarian or not.



Sept cari rougail-de-l-ile-maurice
This is the main course meal traditionally served at hindu pre marital dinners in Mauritius, just after the Haaldi ceremony. The meal consists of > 7 locally available vegetables cooked in indo-african styles, presented on a banana leaf and served with Puris and at times white rice.


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