12 Man tips you should start following immediately

What is being a man ? Being strong. Physically and mentally. Keeping your side of relationships sound. Talking less doing more etc etc. It actually depends on the person really. But here is a list of 12 that we can safely say all men should look at and try to follow.

1. Stay fit. Bodybuilding isn’t every guy’s cup of tea but gentle exercises here and there will keep you toned and healthy. Jog, swim, pushup, yoga, dance…. whatever. Workout gives a glow. Plus you need to help out on moving that desk or carrying that bag of flour to kitchen every so often. You are expected to do the ‘man stuffs’ at home so deal with it.


2. Develop. All the time. You cannot just learn enough. There is some other interesting stuff on the next page. So learn new stuffs. It doesn’t matter if it helps your career or not. Just keep scratching your brain.


3. Work fun balance. Work your back side off and you deserve to party hard. Get your office side sorted first and then there is no stopping you ‘paint the town red’.


4. Don’t be too insecure about the way you look. Just be comfortable who you are. Confidence and cheerfulness goes a long way too. A sense of humor good too.


5. Luck, regret, ‘why me’ etc are part of life. Time heals. Luck helps those that don’t depend on it. Keep plugging away.


6. Stop stressing on tiny things. Let go of sources of stress around you. If you want to say something to somebody, say it. If you want to get something you really want, work for it.


7. Pick up music. It is sooo good. Not all musical instruments are hard to learn. Who wants easy ?


8. Being ambitious is one thing, setting unrealistically high goals is another. Always keep your dreams grounded.

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9. Don’t shrug off responsibilities. Be a man and face them. And definitely don’t be lazy. Get you back side moving all the time.


10. Stop being jealous of your loved ones. Be happy for them.


11. It’s never too late to start all over again.


12. Respect women. They are such beautiful beings. And clever too.


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