If you are wearing these cancer-causing sandals, throw away

A research that was carried out in Germany has revealed that plastic clogs contain a frightening number of carcinogen substances which may put the one that wears them at a high risk of developing cancers.


For this research, 10 pairs of plastic clogs were taken from reputed companies and tested in the laboratory. The researchers were truly surprised to find out that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were present in 6 of the 10 tested samples. PAHs are highly carcinogenic materials which, if absorbed can induce mutations in the cells. They are extremely dangerous if inhaled, but they can be also absorbed through the skin. Black clogs were especially high in these carcinogens.

In 7 of the 10 pairs of the tested clogs were found both solvents and heavy metals. These toxic substances are absorbed in the body through the skin so, if you still want to wear these cancer-causing sandals, be sure to put socks on. The research has shown that original Crocs didn’t contain any PAHs, but they did have at least 4 allergic solvents

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