Rare and Auspicious Signs If You are looking to read palms

There are many lucky signs in palmistry that can change the life of a person. They are very rare to find, however. Let’s evaluate these lucky signs:

Sign of a wheel

People with the sign of a wheel on their palm will bear the highest position of power. He/She will have the comforts of life with fame and richness.

Sign of a Spearhead

The spearhead symbolizes conversion. This means that if a person has that on his hand and if he puts any effort into something, that will turn into success. Spearhead also symbolizes victory as traditionally, spearheads were used in wars.

Sign of a moon

The sign of a moon shows that the person is destined to hold big positions in life and enjoy all the happiness in life. It also represents courage and reputation in the society.

Sign of a temple

The temple represents spiritual power. A person with that sign on his/her palm indicates that the person is highly spiritual and is likely to gain spiritual benefits in life. It also protects the person from troubles in life and also protects from getting health issues.

Sign of an arrow

A person with a sign of an arrow on the hand shows that the person has great communication skills and can achieve things in life by using his oratory skills. He/She is likely to utilize the opportunities provided. It can be found anywhere on hand, but usually, the palm readers spot it on the mount of mercury.

Sign of a Scale

The scale represents balance. A person with the sign will have a balanced life with wealth, health and love. It is one of the most auspicious signs, according to Hindu palmistry.

Sign of a whorl

If a person has a whorl formation on his/her hand, then s/he is likely to have some unique skills that set him/her from the rest of the people. He/She is also an independent thinker who takes a dig at the conventional system and establishes his/her own rules.

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The sign is usually seen at the top of the finger but can be found anywhere and the location also determines the type of skill the person has. If the whorl is found on the Apollo finger, then the person is likely to be highly talented in arts and is a perfectionist in the career. If it is found on the Mercury finger, then the person is likely to have communication or business skills.

The sign of a whorl also makes the person restless and is thus constantly in search to improve the position of life.

Sign of a tortoise

The sign of a tortoise represents pure luck. In anything a person does, there is luck and even if s/he doesn’t do anything, opportunities come knocking on his/her door.

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