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This Is Microsofts Hololens – The Future of Computing

Microsoft Hololens is a standalone device that is not connected by wires in anyway and is not tethered to any devices. Hololens is a completely independent device where the computer with HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) handles the complex processing of  superimposing the 3D images , taking the immediate surroundings into consideration. Watch the video below to have the idea of how the product will create an experience of augmented reality from the user’s POV.

Microsoft Hololens is fitted with 18 sensors that takes in huge amount of data every second and with a camera (120 by 120 degrees) ,which is more powerful than the Kinect Camera  while consuming only the fraction of the power. It has vent facing outward  and this will make sure that the product doesn’t overheat and fry the user’s head.

Microsoft hit the nail on its head when they created a product that is not meant to worn on the face throughout the day, unlike how Google marketed the ‘Glass’ . From the pictures and videos  it is seen that the product is big ,  making it not suitable for wearing throughout the day. Microsoft made it clear that Hololens is meant to be worn when you require it, like  when you are working, playing , skyping and watching movies. The intended applications of the product are aimed at specialized functions that mostly happen inside  closed rooms in  companies, factories, living rooms and game rooms, clearly making sure the product will not be worn in the public . This move makes sure that Microsoft Hololens users don’t get stigmatized by the people , unlike how Google Glass users were treated.Microsoft Hololens

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