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This nano drone will help you catch all Pokemon on the Go

Pokémon GO became a global craze in less than a week. The new addictive mobile game from Nintendo uses a technology called Augmented Reality, which allows you to interact with the real world. The augmented reality game sees players capturing small cartoon creatures, which are overlaid onto real-world locations and found using a GPS-based map. Gameplay involves discovering and interactive in parks, museums, airports, and public squares. Pokemon Go interacts with actual, physical things to take game playing to a completely different level.


For Pokemon Go players, the greatest disappointment in the game is when your smartphone lets you know where the Pokemon is but you are unable to reach it because the terrain is inaccessible. Pokedrone makes it possible to catch a pesky Pokémon hiding on the other side of a wall or in a nearby body of water. TRND Labs re-invented their nano-drone to help players get the Pokemon and named it Pokedrone to help Pokemon Go players catch Pokemon easily. Pokédrone is a tiny remote-controlled drone with a built-in camera and GPS.


The company claims that when the drone is paired with the Pokémon Go application via Wi-Fi, the application switches to use the onboard camera and GPS rather than the phone’s functions. The interface remains on the screen.

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