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Watch The World’s First Mind-controlled Drone Race – It’s the future

Since last few years, many  promising drones are seen in the market. Since major players like ESPN bringing the drone sport to the mainstream and events being held in Dubai, the Drone racing has significantly taken off in the past year.


The University of Florida has held the world’s first brain-drone race. UF researchers hope this competition will inspire others to continue to build upon brain computer interface technology that could be used in our everyday lives.

Source – YouTube

Drone Racing may not be completely new but Brain powered drone racing is on a whole new level. Pilots don’t have to use traditional joystick controllers,  they are strapped with a brain-computer interface(BCI) headset. Such headset offers hands-free control by measuring the pilot’s electrical signals given off from their brain. Thinking “forward, left, right” will move the drone accordingly, but it’s a hell of a lot more sluggish than a regular controller.

A total of sixteen students took part in the race, racing Phantoms down a 10-yard track. BCI drone racing isn’t ready to take on the champions from FPV racing events, but it’s a start towards more immersive flying.

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