5 madly underrated Android Apps

Hundreds of Android apps are built and forgotten every day. Only a few survive to make their way into people’s everyday life. This is a list of 5 which are in limbo. They have been hard done by due to various reasons.

5 madly underrated Android Apps

1. Llama


It is a noninternet based location tracking application which basically takes into account your mobile-towers, for geo-locations. Just feed in the name of the place, where your phone connects to a particular mobile tower. Based on the places, you frequently travel to, this application can be adjusted to trigger specific events on the basis of your location, like changing profiles to silent when at work, opening up the music player/ particular android application during your entry back in a particular area.

2. Lightbox


Lightbox (photo sharing + camera replacement) has had 500K+ downloads, but I’d still say it is underrated. It compares favorably with Instagram on iOS. It’s even more useful though because it is also a camera replacement. So any app that takes a picture can use Lightbox’s camera, photo editing, filters suite.

3. Venmo

venmo_appConnect with people, send money for free, and cash out to any bank overnight. It is a free and smooth peer to peer transaction system.

4. Oil Rush (Game)


It is a power hungry game and will require the latest available processors but it is one great real-time strategy game. You collect resources, build, upgrade your stuff, and then attack your enemies in a graphically captivating environment. Not free, though.

5. Gliph


It is a secure and private messaging app. It includes encrypted texting, data storage, permanent two-way message deletion and locking the app.

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