The Drunken God of India – Devotees Offer Whiskey in This Temple

In Ujjain city, Madhya Pradesh of India there is one mysterious Ancient Hindu Temple, Kal Bhairav Nath Temple. Devotees carry liquor bottles at this temple which are the main offering to the deity and in return, it is given as “prasad” to the devotees. Kal Bhairav Nath is the guardian deity of the city of Ujjain in India. The temple is very ancient and believed to have built by King Badrasenan.


Bhairava is a fierce manifestation of Shiva in Hinduism. Kal Bhairava is the chief among the eight Bhairavs of the Saivaite tradition and is the most fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva among Ashta Bhairavas and is worshipped by the tantric cult.

As you start walking from the parking lot to the temple, you will be shocked to see street side vendors selling liquor in public.

The side shacks openly sells all variety from local to English wines and whisky. It is all because the main offering of the deity is Whiskey.


This temple ritual starts with the devotee buying a bottle of wine or hard liquor like rum or whisky and presenting to the deity.


The bottle is handed over to the priest along with other puja material. The priest opens the bottle and put half of the contents into a shallow plate which is placed near the mouth of the idol.


Slowly it starts decreasing in the plate, and the Priest takes back the plate when all the liquor is finished. One can observe this from very close. The contents of the plate disappear in front of your eyes. No one knows where do this hundreds of bottles of liquor goes but it has been happening since ages, as this temple is hundreds of years old. It may sound unbelievable, but it is true.

According to the Pandits, many organisations have performed researchers on this mysterious activity, but no one was able to come to any conclusion.

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But according to the scientific research, Liquor can be pulled from the offering plate by capillary action. Remember Delhi’s Lord Ganesha’s Milk miracle in 1995 ?

The left over in the bottle is given back as Prasad to the pilgrims. It is a wonder, where does the alcohol gulp by the Lord goes. Probably, this is the only God, to whom alcohol is offered in the temple.

There is mention of a Kaal Bhairva temple in the Avanti Khanda of the Skanda Purana also, which is a text thousand of years old. Worship of Kaal Bhairava is believed to have been a part of the Kapalika and Aghora sects in Indian practised religion. This temple is a protected monument under the state archaeology department.

Source: Quora

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